November 13, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

So you're incensed and offended by these "quitter" comments, are you Romeo? So you say you know you're not a quitter? Well I've got two other guys (see: Jamal Lewis and Joshua Cribbs) that say some of your team quit last Thursday. I mean, I'm no expert on the Browns, nor their internal affairs, but if you're going to defend yourself and your team, dismissing these accusations, you oughta at least offer a factual basis for your defense, right? Especially since your organization denied one report earlier this season that turned out to be true (see Kellen Winslow and the Technicolor Staph Infection).

Then again, like I said, who knows what goes on in that locker room? I sure don't. Maybe Jamal Lewis is just pissed off because Brady Quinn is stealing his thunder. Or his jock strap. Or just grabbing his ass a little too often and a little too affectionately. I don't know. I'm not exactly tuned in to the Browns dealings. I'm not privy to the new shit. So ok, maybe you're not quitters. Whatever. I'm just posting this shit because I found nothing better on these here interwebs for this afternoon.

Best part of the whole article, though -

"A displeased Crennel said he didn't think his players quit and any perception that they did was a poor reflection on him."
Well yeah, man. Anything negative about the team's performance can be a poor reflection on you.

But, you know, what the hell do I know? I just write the shit.

Oh yeah, and Phil Savage has got ol Romeo's back on this one. So he's got that going for him...which is nice.

Anyways, the Browns may or may not have quit, but these links just can't quit you...or is it you just can't quit these links? Now I'm confused...

Hamsters love the Steelers? Why not? Welcome to Steeler Nation, hamster brethren [PSaMP]

Big Ben - Nothing wrong with your arm, you say? [Trib]

Interesting Stat of the Day: Steelers have thrown on 3rd and 2, 11 out of 12 times [Trib]

Even more interesting - Bradshaw says Steelers - Giants in the Super Bowl. I think I love you, Terry [Fox Sports]

This is worth it just for the video of Brandon Jacobs getting murdered [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Speaking of Brandon Jacobs, I can't wait to watch him run Ray Lewis over [NY Post]

Tiki Barber, we're no longer friends. Who doesn't love The Boss? [Sports Crackle Pop]

Sapp calls Sheshawn "a bitch"...truth hurts, man [Awful Announcing]

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