November 25, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

"I'm the head coach and the buck stops at my desk. It's my charge. If we don't win games, it's on me. Just like when the offense doesn't do well, it falls on the quarterback, rightly or wrongly. But this position, the scrutiny goes with it."

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock Romeo. You're right, the buck does stop there. Had you forgotten? Did someone have to remind you, "Hey, wait, Romeo. Doesn't the buck stop here?" I think not.

But let's talk about what really matters. I wish the buck were stopping HERE. Like here, in my cube. Right about now. With like about 1000 of its buddies. And a beer bong. Ok, the beer bong's optional. But definitely the 1000 friends. Make it happen, [insert name of Cotter's employer here]!

And lastly, you know what else stops at Romeo's desk? Cheeseburgers!

While he's feasting on that giant beef patty, y'all should feast on these links...

The Steelers NEED Cheerleaders? [PSaMP]

Hey, that's kind of how we found Jeff Reed, isn't it? [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad]

Forgot this one yesterday...apparently the Steelers DO have some form of the Wildcat formation involving Dennis, can we, uh, like see that shit, Arians? [Post-Gazette]

In light of this, I may actually advocate Big Ben airing the ball out on Sunday []

"That's my heart.' I'm a competitor. I want to get in the end zone. And I want to win. Period." []

Your wish has been granted, Domski [Associated Press]

Cowherdelphia? [Sporting News]

You didn't seriously believe me when I said I was sick of picking on the Browns, right Christy?


marc said...

How's that exam?

Cotter said...

Thanks for asking, brotha! It went alright, but...

This past weekend I spent approximately 16 and 1/2 hours reading 85 pages worth of material on a broad topic twice, took 19 pages of notes, and the exam ended up covering about a 5 to 6 page section.

Equals Cotter quite irritated.

So but I THINK it went alright, although I learned a long time ago that in law school, you can't ever say definitively how you did on an exam.

Vern said...

Jeff Reed would attach a picture of his topwang to every test.

Christy said...

Oh thank God...I was hoping you weren't serious! Thanks Cotter!!