November 24, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Well, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm kind of tired of picking on the Browns. At least I feel that way today. So instead, I figured I'd do my best with either Cincy or VD-More. And since we just played the Bangles, not to mention the fact that there's nothing you can say about them that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan (they look bombed out and depleted), I really only had one choice for today's headline.

Vagina-More it is.

However, the unfortunate truth is, they're not really cooperating with me here. Normally I pick a headline that references one of our division rivals' ineptitude or general douchebaggery. But by virtue of their 7-4 record, the Ravens have pretty much escaped being the butt of my terrible jokes. Sadly, today's really not going to be any different. The good news is, at least I can get A laugh out of it.

OOPS! How'd that work out for ya? 4 picks, you say? A forced fumble, you say? Donovan McNabb benched after the 1st half, you say? Well, hell. That's pretty dern good, idn't it?

Hey Eagles, thanks for sucking. Where were those 9 sacks yesterday? And don't even talk to me about Donovan McTurnover. Oh shit, he just threw another pick! To an 8-year-old in the front row! Who has one arm! And his eyes closed!

You know what? You're right. Kevin Kolb's a much better option. Seriously.

I'll bet these links would have been more of a test for the Ravens Defense...

Three years old and this little girl's already confused by politics. The Steelers and John McCain? That's kind of a paradox. She does pick a mean booger, though [PSaMP]

Someone finally said it. Thank you, J Peezy! [Fanhouse]

Kevin Colbert makes this guy's top 10 Executives of the Year list. For the record, he's #1 on my list every year [Sporting News]

Obviously the Post-Gazette has not been reading OFTOT and PSaMP [Post-Gazette]

I guess the good news is Kyle Boller's good at something [Deuce of Davenport]

What's the most hardcore way to fight someone in football? Why, pulling his hair, of course! I think Matt Light's been training with Larry Johnson [Ballhype]

By the way, whoever has been spending their Saturdays and Sundays for the past few weeks systematically combing OFTOT's archives, I'd love to know what that's all about. I mean, I know it isn't because the shit is that good. Though there are some choice photoshops in there...


domski43 said...

I cant believe they pulled McNabb when the score was only 10-7. Thats asking for a loss.

I hope Donovan gets traded to Minn or Chi and tears it up. Philly fans will realize what they lost when they play the qb carousel until they recognize that their wide receivers suck and the offensive philosophy is garbage.

Ravens are scary. Putting up big numbers just about every week w/ that defense. I hate to say it, but their offense is much more productive and better than the Steelers. AND their best receiver is Derrick Mason > 80 years old.

Vern said...

The Ravens got titstomped by the Giants. They got absolutely massacred. Let's not start blowing them just yet.

Christy said...

What?!? You CAN'T be tired of picking on the Browns!

Say it isn't so, or I'll stop reading!

domski43 said...

I'm not sure if i'm more excited about the steelers winning this year or watching the browns implode.

hopefully romeo goes back to quinn at quarterback. i cant wait to see brady quinn play the steelers at heinz to end the season.