November 21, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Ah, the truth comes out. Unfortunately, it doesn't involve Chad Johnson punching any of the Bengals coaches. Sigh. Color me disappointed.

Anyways, so it appears that 85 pulled a Plaxico Burress, arriving late to a team meeting and then basically just taking up space while the coaching staff reviewed what were probably some very pressing and important matters...ish. And after repeated attempts by Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski to snap him back to reality, Herr Marvin Lewis stepped in and brought the hammer down on bad boy Chad, sending him home to his mommy. No word on whether Chad will also get detention for this, but I've heard grumblings that they might put him on double top secret probation.

Either way, maybe OC (Ocho Cinco, get it?) should've consulted with his good buddy Donovan McNabb before he played footsie with the Bengals coaching staff. Then again, Donovan McNabb probably wouldn't have known about the rule regarding being on time for team meetings anyhow.

So, Chad - Congratulations on perpetuating your already negative image, dude. You're a model human being.

Well OC may have been late, but these links are right on time...

The Monday Friday Morning Chrysler New Yorker [PSaMP]

MJD thinks the Steelers are one of seven teams that could be in the Super Bowl. God, I hope so. But I can't say I'm that confident right now [Shutdown Corner]

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Just in case you're a masochist - here's the video of Chris Crocker wrecking Sansmokio. Methinks that no amount of cheeba could've helped him numb the pain from this one [Sports Crackle Pop]

Send LJKC some love...she spent three whole hours at the dentist yesterday. That's pretty much like watching any St. Louis Rams or Detroit Lions game...ouch [Superhero.]

Meeting People Is Easy to follow later on this afternoon (maybe). Gotta do some real work first so they don't stop paying me. Lord knows I need that cash to feed my addiction to Pepperidge Farm Mint Milanos.


Vern said...

Mint is so good. It's like crack for people who can't afford all that baking soda.

The Chief said...

Ocho Psycho is a real tool. I'm so sick of him and his antics. I'm glad to hear Marvin Lewis punish him - but it should have been done a long time ago.