October 15, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

I believe this is precisely what Tobiathan wrote about in his diary yesterday. Yeah, it's back. The Browns fans have renewed fervor and they're not going to stop until the SUPER BOWL! WHEEEEEEEEEE!

Christ, two wins and you're suddenly a contender again? Hey 2-4, it was one game. I've got five others that say you still suck.

Browns fans > Eagles fans? Does it matter? Didn't think so.

And these were just too good not to share with you...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Is this the "gay black steel curtain" blog? Apparently so. Well played, Korea. Not.

Nice to know I once wrote about a dog crapping on the Steelers. Oh wait, I never wrote that. So then what the? Whatever.

While I'm trying to work this one out, I urge you to take in these links...

Attention NFL, Mike Tomlin will not tolerate your shenanigans [Trib]

I...don't know what to say about this [Deadspin]

Woman in Butler County cleared to offer SeXXXercise classes [WSJ Law Blog]

Shane Douglas - wrestler and inventor of words [PSAMP]

Jim Zorn is pulling what we call a "reverse Ken Whisenhunt" [ESPN]

Are you a Badfish, too? [Sportsocracy]


tobiathan is prognosticatory said...


Me gets to blow my ownsome horn!

That's two weeks in a row i've got the jump on a sports news headline with "Dear Diary"!

It's almost like i was physic or somethin'...

Go Tobiathan! I rawk like an IROC Camaro! Yay 80's schtick!

Go me!!!!!!!!!!

Hey you: better read my "Dear Diary" entry every week the morning after Steelers games, if ya wann know what's *really* going on in the sports world!

...or not.

tobiathan: love me as much as i do! said...


Thanks for the nod, Cotter. I do love me some me!