October 15, 2008

What's This Book of Faces of Which You Speak?

I know it has absolutely zero to do with football, but has anyone taken note of how ridiculous Facebook has become?

I'll admit, I'm a nerd. I was on that shit like three days after it launched. I'm all about internet stalking meeting new people. So it was a natural fit. Of course, at the time I was already an alumnus of THE University of Delaware. And this was long before it became socially acceptable for anyone over the age of 22 to have a Facebook page.

Back then, you had to have a verifiable .edu email address to get an account, you couldn't make friends with anyone outside your school, and the most important information you could offer was who/what you were "interested in" (for me, it's always been "long walks on the beach"). Now, that beast is just out of hand.

You mean I can become a fan of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets? Shit yeah, I want to do that. I've practically been waiting my whole life to show the world my Swedish Chef fandom via the interwebs. Seriously though, I find this fact absolutely hilarious. I'm not going to do it right now, but someday, I'm going to parse through all this crap and highlight some of the gold stars.

By the way, if you haven't already, become a fan of OFTOT. And also, join the OFTOT blog network. I mean, if you want to become a fan of something, why not OFTOT?

But I digress.

Facebook, dudes (& dudettes). It's the new black.


Get Fresh Designs said...

i've been meaning to do a facebook vs myspace blog post, but hey I'm lazy.

i'm not getting these social networks when someone has a private page, how am I to stal...see who you are?

domski43 said...

facebook/myspace = real gay

Cotter said...

Oh yeah, if they're so gay, how come you're not on them?

Vern said...

They both have their pros and cons. Of course, with all of the 13 year old girls on Myspace, they have more cons. LOLOLOLOLOL!

You described the glory days of Facebook, back when Myspace couldn't compete. You know, when Bruce Springsteen was singing about it.

you younginz is butt-ass crazee said...

How do you get the "face" in this "book"??

Is the one a'dem intraweb thingamabobs?