October 14, 2008

Dear Diary...

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tobiathan's "Dear Diary" appears every Monday following Steelers games. Except when it appears on Tuesday, following a Monday night game. Or like this week, when the Steelers didn't even play. You get the idea. These are Tobiathan's deepest and most intimate thoughts. And he's kind enough to share them with all of us. So show him some love in the comments!
Dear Diary,

Heeelloooo, Diary :-)))))))))!

Sometimes I wonder how I can go a whole week without talking to you. The world is just so crazy these days, and it's just getting nuttier every day! And speaking of nutty: remember those whacky fellas out in Cleve-town? You know - the ones whose shirts are all poop-colored? Yeah, *those* guys...

Well - they actually WON a kinda big game tonight, Diary! I know, I know...they're not *supposed* to win. EVAR. But they did. And they beat those big, bad Giants. Whooda thunkit??

Now the Poop-Colored Northern Ohioans are talking about "starting a whole new season" and "proving to the world they're still a good team". Hmmm. "Still"???

Since when were those turds ever "good"?

Any-who...now I guess they think they're world-class gamers and contenders for a Lombardi Trophy, like that [really] gifted bunch - The Pittsburgh Steelers. Since daydreams and wishes are as close as as that gang'll ever get to OUR team, I guess it's OK. For now.

Mommy always said it was best to let the "special" people think they were just like the rest of us, right?

You're soooooo smart, Diary! And you're handsome, too! No - stop it! YOU are the handsome one!...oh, OK: I'M the handsomest, if you insist.

But you're still the smartest.

And I'm glad you're bound in beautiful, powerful Black-n-Gold, and not some ugly, crappy, plain old Brown :-)!

Luv yinz, Diary-


- Tobiathan


marc said...

Pacman suspended 4 games at least. hahahahahaha. He's lost a step since he came back, but still.....hahahahahahah

tecmo said...

Now the Poop-Colored Northern Ohioans are talking about "starting a whole new season" and "proving to the world they're still a good team"

Not just this season...what in their (Super Bowl era) history shows they're a good team? Really. I can't find one saving grace. Vinnt Testaverde?

And I hate when Browns fans repeatedly use the "Jim Brown" argument and the fact that the team won several league championships back in the day, and how that compares to the Steelers' 5 SB trophies. That's like me saying my blind homerism for the Pirates makes me believe that John Wehner and the Buccos of (real) old could hang with any Major League offense today.


Cotter said...

But Tec, what about Bernie Kosar?

/said with Bruno-esque accent and delivery

Cotter said...

Oh, and marc, I second that. Plus, he was only starting at corner because of the injury to Terence Newman...so now the Cowboys are double or triple-y f'd.


marc said...

They just got Roy Williams, so now they have two Roy Williams. At least maybe Megatron will get some yards on one of my FF teams

Cotter said...

I wonder what TO thinks about that...god I can't wait to find out.

Sheena Beaston said...

saving grace was Timmy Couch...

or wait, was it Eric Crouch?

i jest

it's always been just plain Ouch

brown is the color of doo-doo said...

I honestly only barely remember the Marty-Browns, and I'm 36. They were pretty good, and actually competed intensely with the 80's Steelers. But they haven't done anything since, except get moved to Balti and called "Ravens".

The second incarnation has had what? One winning season??

But they're "still good"...muwhhahaha

I love ridiculous claims...

tobiathan doesn't *really* have such hairy arms said...

Hey- thanks for the support gang! I've never had a regular thing before, so it's good to know i'm hitting some common points here.

Again, i gotta agree w/Tecmo in that Cleveland hasn't had much of a team in years, so talking about "still" being a "good team" is a bit of "premature self-adulation".