May 2, 2008

Meeting People Is Easy...


After a long week of dicking around, Friday is finally here. So in classic One For The Other Thumb fashion, I am pleased to bring you another tantalizing edition of Meeting People Is Easy.

This week's panel is comprised of commenter/badass - Marc, zebra-hater/ex-party animal - Tobiathan, sushi wizard/blogger - Blitzburgh, and making his first appearance, author of Die Hard Steel - Neal Coolong.

As usual, if anything below seems blurry or illegible, click on the image to enlarge.

Now, as much as Cotter claims to be on hiatus, he couldn't help but comment on a couple of this week's responses. His comments, as dictated, are:

  • Number one - Marc - Cotter isn't sure if "your favorite Madonna song" is rather just a declaration of what you like to do when you're thinking about Madonna...because he says he's pretty sure that's not a Madonna song (and listen, if anyone would know...).
  • Number two - Cotter couldn't figure out how to hyperlink text in an image, but the video Blitzburgh is referring to in response to the superdelegate question is here.
  • Number three - Marc really wanted his avatar to be the Penguins streaker, but since Cotter couldn't find a good pic, he settled on his soberness, Jeff Reed.
  • Number four - Cotter "honestly believes Tobiathan was in or at least could have been in 'Rhinestone Cowboy.'" And also, in case anyone can't tell, Cotter has finally acquiesced (his word, not mine) and used Owen Schmitt as Tobiathan's avatar.
That wraps up week one of the Domski Experiment. Stay tuned for week am I doin' so far?

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marc said...

That really isn't a Madonna song?

marc said...

Good job on your one week aniversary Dom. Good luck on finals Cotter. Anyone know what number Mendenhall will be? With all the unoffial retirement of numbers the Steelers have we're likely more limited than most other teams

Cotter said...

marc! Gracias for the well wishes man, I got my fingers crossed.

Looks like Mendenhall practiced today wearing #34. Guess that means no plans to bring back Verron Haynes anytime soon...

domski43 said...

thanx marc for the kinds words and continuous commentary.

enjoy your weekend.......cotter, i guess i'll have to drink for two this weekend....beotch!

Cotter said...

So that means you'll be drinking FOUR beers instead of two, THEN passing out at 10 PM?


tobiathan Schmitt said...

I am Owen's long lost adopted identical older, fatter twin first cousin. Seriously. So the pic is OTAY by me...

And "I touch myself" is not a Madonna song; some Australian band in the early 90's sang that one_ The Divinyls (yeah;: i know some crappy music trivia. So what?)

And i'm not sure if i mentioned it or not, but i AM in fact officially retired from the party scene. I wasn't ever very good at it anyhow. Go figure...

Nice job Doms, and Cotter, as usual.

tobiathan said...

And kick ass on yer finals, Mr. Kotter; i'll be needing a good lawyer soon enough. Have you considered specializing in business and patent law?

You'll do fine, brudda!

tecmo said...

Mendenhall won't necessarily keep 34. Woodley practiced in Joey Porter's old 55 in camp last season, only to switch to 56 for the season.

PS, Mike Humpal, white boy, is wearing 55. It looks weird.

marc said...

tobiathian, if you retired from the party scene what the hell do you need a lawyer for, that gets rid of most of the reason that I caon think of that a lawyer would be involved, public drunkenness, fights and of course streaking....

tobiathan-guardian of deep sh*t said...


i *might* need a lawttorney for:

1. My womens and ho's troubles
2. My severe case of I'ma-BigPimp-itis.
3. Any future patents my incredibly big and amazing brain might come to require.
4. Other stuff i'm not comfortable discussing in a public forum.

There are lots more legalities to address outside the realm of fuctupitudeness :-)