April 11, 2008

Meeting People Is Easy...

Here ye, here ye! Week 4 of Meeting People Is Easy is now in session.

Last week things got switched up a bit. You all met Tobiathan and Awful Announcing AND once again got to enjoy the comedic musings of The Immortal Silky Johnson and Tecmo (the artist formerly known as "Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson" for all you latecomers).

This week, the panel is easily just as fierce. Check 'em out:

1. Blitzburgh, blogger - Behind The Steel Curtain
Some of you may know Blitzburgh, some of you may not. For those of you who don't - Blitz runs one of the best Steeler blogs on these here internets, Behind The Steel Curtain. He also likes long walks on the beach and strawberry margaritas...not that I'd know something like that about him or anything...

2. Sheena Beaston, blogger - Sheena Beaston
To be honest with you guys, I don't know much more about Sheena than any one person can know. As legend has it, she is Tecmo's sister, plays guitar like Jimi Hendrix, and once scored a hat trick on Tom Barasso. See, even I learned something here...

3. Marc, resident badass
What can I say about Marc that hasn't already been said about Pac Man Jones? The man will make it rain on you hoes...4 Life.

4. Nikki, Cotter's pup and accomplished eating machine
I can't believe the Snikster hasn't made her way onto OFTOT sooner. I guess the occasion just never presented itself. Nevertheless, I introduce you all to Nikki, my dog and current love of my life. Nikki is a big fan of - bones, rope toys, chew-lotta treats, eating trash and biting Cotter's ankles. She has that in common with Domski.

So now that we're all acquainted, I guess there ain't nothing left but to get right to it. You'll notice some of the answers this week are kind of small and hard to read. To solve this epic mystery, click on that bad boy and it should pull up the full size image with sufficient clarity for your eyes to feast. Enjoy!

One more thing - as usual, if you'd like to participate (and of course we would love for you to participate), just drop me an email at onefortheotherthumb@gmail.com.

Happy Friday Friends, Enjoy Your Collective Weekends,

- C

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The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Sheena needs to take a number, and get in line for sucker punching Stephen A. Smith! It's good to see that SNikki is taking the time out of her hectic schedule of; laying on the radiator, looking out the window, chewing up anything she can get her teeth on, and biting your ankles to participate in this weeks segment. How's her dogbook coming along?

Marc said...

I like my new title.

domski43 said...

hey cotter, franco enjoys reading your blog and was wondering when he can make an appearance on meeting people is easy? He hopes you are not holding a grudge against him because he peed and pooped all over your apartment

tobiathan said...

I'm gonna say it, because everybody's thinking it(and Tec: don't kick my virtual ass, cuz i mean it in all the rightest ways):

If that is, in fact, a picture of Sheena Beaston- she's hawt. And by "hawt" i mean "I'd buy her an elegant dinner, discuss her views on life and listen intently to her hopes and dreams all the while conspiring with the voices in my head to get her to not punch me in the mouth at the end of our first and onliest date for being too Mark Smith-esque in my own paler, less televisionish way". Yup.

Muwhahaha,...like i ever get anything but socially bitch-slapped by the Unobtainable Pretty Girls of the World Association. It's obviously a club, and one diametrically opposed to the state of my happinesss anywhere above the "Bone-chillingly, rejectedly unsuccesful with the lay-dees" level.

Cotter n me could start a club from the sounds of it.

Funny, i used to do so well, before the hair fell out and the belly dropped below the beltline. When did the middle-aged slacker look go out of style?

Am i rambling again???

Uhh- Go Stillers!?

PS- Nice segment Cottermon

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