March 20, 2008

Further Proof That Karma Is A Bitch...

Cedrick Wilson - it's been real, it's been fun...but it hasn't been real fun.

Make sure the door doesn't hit you in the ass on your way out...or let it hit you...frankly I don't really care.

In case you'd like more detail as to what I mean - Wilson was released this morning after his arrest last night on charges of criminal (simple) assault, harassment and disorderly conduct. It's a shame that he had to go out like this, but on the bright side, at least he's out. And just so you guys know - domestic violence is still not cool (official statement).

Any thoughts from the peanut gallery (IE - you guys)??

Steelers Release Wilson [Post-Gazette]
Wilson Released [SteelCityInsider]
Steelers Release WR Wilson After Arrest [Tribune-Review]

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Marc said...

I was hoping he was released as soon as we signed him. Too bad it took this incident, he deserves to be in jail. This had to be a planned out thing, walks in and punches her in thh face, it's not like it was in the heat of arguement (not that that's at all right either)

Anonymous said...

Oh well, seeya Ced.

I'm confused though, why wouldn't Harrison be cut as well?

domski43 said...

maybe mark madden is right...the steelers are turning into the bengals...someone better take control of this situation

Cotter said...

marc ~ echoing my sentiments exactly...good riddance CW!

anon ~ answer = two words - pro. bowl. Sad as it is...i'm pretty sure that's the difference maker.

domski ~ I don't know about turning into the Bengals but we definitely should curtail the amount of time our guys spend with Chris Henry...bad influence.

Marc said...

Rooney gave one of the most ridiculous explanations ever, because "Jimmy Harrison" was taking his kid to get Baptized. If i ever get pulled over I'm going to say, "It's ok officer I was just on my way to church"

domski43 said...

Simple...James Harrison = productivity on the field (as cotter noted bowl!!)

Cedric Wilson = bum/was on his way out anyhow

its not fair and its not right, but the nfl is a big business..and thats the way it is...get used to it

tecmo said...

I'd link to my own post, but I'm too lazy.

Here's a brief timeline about the Wilson incident(s):

- Ced and girlfriend get into argument.
- Girlfriend fires gun in house, gets in standoff with police.
- Ced files Protection-From-Abuse Order against girlfriend, claiming she might kill him.
- Ced drops Protection-From-Abuse Order, provided girlfriend doesn't file one against him.
- Ced is charged with pushing girlfriend down, then punching her in the face.
- Ced is promptly released from the Steelers.

The key thing is, Ced only dropped his PFA order under the terms that his girlfriend didn't file a PFA against him. Now, in that first incident, Ced was claiming to be an innocent victim. I know no innocent victim who should be worried about having a Protection From Abuse order filed AGAINST them.

Ced was released because of his history with these types of incidents. Harrison wasn't because it was an isolated case. He has no history with erratic behavior, and is given a second chance.

And Rooney phrased his comment all wrong. I understand what he was trying to say, but it really came out wrong.

The team MVP vs old WR argument may be a small aspect, but said old WR has a recent history or odd behavior. Team MVP doesn't

The Chief said...

CINCINNASTY BUNGHOLES: LISTEN UP: When miscreants do their dastardly deeds, a World Class organization cuts them loose. They do not keep them allow the dark clouds to hang over their organization.

The Chief said...
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Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

"The Cincinatti Bengals announced today the team has signed wide receiver Cedric Wilson."

Kidding aside, Wilson is and was a bum ... on and off the field. We're better off without him. Too bad it took so long. Last season, I kept asking, "Why is Cedric Wilson still on this team?"

Gotta agree with Tecmo, above, about the Wilson/Harrison situations (Wilson's history vs. Harrison's first arrest). Still, no reason to ever hit a woman, under any circumstances. Not cool. If any player in the future is a repeat offender, like Wilson, precedent has been set. The Steelers' management is under the microscope now because of how they handled the Wilson/Harrison scenarios, so Silverback would be well advised to keep his cool, off the field anyway. Channel that aggression against Carson Palmer.