March 20, 2008

Haggans Watch 2008 - 3/20 Edition...

The rumors are true folks -- Yesterday, potential Steelers cast-off Clark Haggans paid a visit to our AFC North rivals, the Cleveland Browns.

As if they haven't overpaid enough free agents already this offseason, it's sad to say, but Haggans might actually be an upgrade for the Browns at OLB. And since clearly we don't have much room left for him, perhaps this is for the best.

Now you might be asking yourself why I'm treating this as a sure thing...well, I mean, they did sign Donte Stallworth for what? $5 million a year for the next 7 years or some such sickening number? Remind me again how many pro bowls Stallworth has been to? Oh yeah, right. yesterday Haggans visited the Browns and frankly if he doesn't come away with at least $5.5 million over the next 2-3 years I'll be pretty surprised. And just to refresh our memories of how Haggans made his case in this contract year - 59 tackles (38 solo including the one playoff game) and 4 sacks (all in the 1st nine games and none after). Enjoy Cleveland. He's all yours.

No, in all honesty I have nothing against Clark Haggans. Frankly I'm surprised he hasn't gotten more calls this offseason. But for whatever reason he seems not to fit into any other teams plans just as much as he does not fit into ours. I hope he does go to Cleveland. That'll certainly add a tiny little bit more fuel to the rivalry.

We shall see...

Why do I keep talking about Clark Haggans anyway??? Weird.

Rival Steelers LB Visits Browns [Plain Dealer]

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Jim Johnson said...

I just don't see Cleveland signing him. The Browns need a corner, maybe one more linebacker, but the spending spree is about over. Haggans would be a good pick up but not for the kind of money folks are associating with him. He'd be nice to have for vet minimum on a one or two year deal. The days of Cleveland having to go after players who are past their prime because they can't sign anyone else are thankfully over.

Oh, and the only fuel that needs to be tossed on the rivalry is for Cleveland to beat Pittsburgh a few times. That hasn't happened, yet, and we all know that for the time being the road to the playoffs goes through Pittsburgh.