February 15, 2008

Three Day Weekend, Secured!

Well, I don't know about you all. But I personally am pretty damn excited that it's Friday, and because of some old dead dudes that used to lead this great nation, I have a three day weekend. Booze and bitches here I come (read: Booze and Bitches = shirley temples and a Star Trek marathon...I mean...).

However, before I depart for my weekend hiatus, I figured you might be interested in some links. Check out the week's hottest stories, told in 10 seconds or less, in words that vaguely do the real stories justice...or something:

  • You don't know how long I've been waiting for someone to compile a list of the Top 7 sports-related episodes of Full House. This means it's only a matter of time before someone puts together a list of the Top 7 sports related episodes of Saved By The Bell.

  • Despite the fact that the Patriots are looking like bigger pieces of shit every day, the Steelers continue to be all class.

  • Steve McNair declares he can still play at a "high level." I'm pretty sure by this he means the 700 level. Where he should be sitting next season. Far from the field where his geriatric ass could get hurt. Again.

  • RIP 3 Rivers.

  • Breaking News: This week's weather sucked. By the way - rumor has it that Tec is considering openly declaring his man love for MAF sometime in the very near future...something to look forward to...

  • My friend Bowen (the Eagles fan) is not persuaded by all this Pats propaganda.

  • NonStop Steelers Poll - Should congress get involved in spygate? I'll withhold my comment on the ground that it would contain way too much profanity for your virgin ears.

  • The Giants have to win the Super Bowl to get free lap dances. Too bad the Steelers probably get free handjobs just for taking the field. Ah the perks of PA....

  • And finally, in case you didn't know -- Jamie Lynn Spears is a giant slut smart.
Friday. Out. Cotter, end communication.

Ballhype: hype it up!


The Chief said...

Three Day Weekend = $25

Star Trek Marathon = $50

Top 7 Sports Related Episodes of Full House = FREAKING PRICELESS!!!

tecmo said...

About that weather...I got to NYC on Tues, when it started snowing. Weds morning, I'm trucking through that nasty ass slush for the longest.

At least the weather cleared up for this weekend. I mean, its at least semi-nice until I get outta here. If that snow/rain bullshit woulda stayed, I mighta been in the worst downer of all time.

And I might go buy Full House on DVD. Right quick. DJ Tanner, here I come