February 14, 2008

New England - Ripping Us Off Since 2000...

"We have a right to have honest football games."
- Senator Arlen Specter
So yesterday - Arlen Specter, resident PA hotbrand, got his day with Roger Goodell to discuss the Patriots and their history of adhering to league rules violating established rules of reasonable competitiveness.

The result?

Well allegedly, Goodell confirmed to Specter that the Pats have had been taping opponents defensive signals since the year 2000 (cue Conan O'Brien segment), which included the 2004 AFC Championship and at least one other game (a 34-20 Pats loss, played during the 2004 regular season) against our Steelers.

So what do we make of all this?

Honestly, I don't really know. I mean what's done is done. BUT, it is a little disconcerting that the Pats have beat us five out of the last six times we've met, including the controversial aforementioned Championship game. And sure you could chalk this up to them just being the better team that day. But given the nature of all this new shit - I have significant doubt in my mind that it was pure skill that bore on those Pats "victories"...

Nevertheless, the league clearly isn't going to do anything about the Pats past indiscretions. So I guess all we can do is hope that they closely monitor all activities in Foxboro next season...not to mention bitch profusely about it, add asterisks to their names, poke fun via photoshop, call them the Cheatriots, and generally be a reminder that they are a bunch of assholes led by King Dick himself.

All this said, it still doesn't explain why the tapes were destroyed. Personally, I think they should've been archived as evidence for future reference. But hey, what the shit do I know, I just write a Steelers blog (and study law at night...but that's obviously irrelevant).

Anyways, in other news on this fine Thursday -- Now that Spielberg has dropped off the Beijing Olympics project, rumor has it that Bill Belichick will be calling to proposition him as director of the Patriots' 2008-2009 Spy tapes...Word to the wise (and Spielberg) - don't let him Jedi Mind Trick you. This, like using crack, would be a bad decision.

Also, for those of you who enjoy my humor lack of humor here at OFTOT - you'll be interested to know I have started a little side project along with a few friends, aptly titled "The Dude Abides." The plan is to feature as much completely unnecessary social commentary in as sarcastic a tone as possible, while centering around the premise of - a quote from The Big Lebowski a day keeps...you...sane? I don't know. The shit is funny. Just go read it. Comment it. Love it and embrace it. And if anyone is interested in becoming a contributor, I'm all ears. Disclaimer: Must have twisted sense of humor and lack delicate sensibilities (aka - like the movie, it employs a certain four letter expletive quite readily).

That's all I got at this time, friends! Anybody have any burning topics they want to discuss?

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tecmo said...

First...Arlen Specter is making a fool of himself. There's a needless war going on, we're about to have a massive recession...and our elected official is more concerned with how a separate entity governs itself.

Now, I'm glad he did bring it up because said entity's ways of self-governance are questionable to say the least. And I can;t fault him for caring about a western PA team.

Unlike another elected PA official, dumbass Ed Rendell, who played hardball with the Penguins until they were on the verge of moving, and less than a year later he's trying to build a soccer stadium in Philly. The man has no cares for the western side of the state. He was the reason the Pens nearly up and left, because he didn;t want to give money for a new arena (the Igloo is the oldest building in the league). However, he's so quick to allocate money towards a proposed MLS franchise in his beloved Philly. I honestly don;t know how people voted for him...again.

So as stupid as Arlen Specter is for not having his priorities straight, I gotta show love since he seems to be the only elected PA official who so much as cares for sports franchises west of Harrisburg.

Cotter said...

I care Tec, I care.

And I promise you that once I'm elected President of this great nation, I'll make you Secretary of Allocating Sports Venue Resources and you can sink millions into the next Pens arena. Not to mention withdraw all funding for Soccer in Philadelphia.