October 12, 2007

Yinz Guyz Gahn' Dahntahn?

Is it 5:30 yet? I'll bet you all are thinking the same thing I'm thinking right now - let me out of this friggin' place! It's time to do a little restin', relaxin', and most of all, drinkin'. But before I jet, I thought I'd offer you all a quick recap of the day's hottest Steeler/NFL/PA related news items.

So read on:

  • Congress has spoken and it has said - screw you Gene Upshaw. You're a dick. Your players have shit for benefits after they retire. Now, give us all your records. Must have been Ditka.

  • Rumor has it Kyle Boller might be starting for Baltimore this Sunday...that's enough. Next story.

  • William Gay just "gets" Dick LeBeau. Hence, chances are we may see more of him in the coming weeks. Certainly Week 7 at Denver if McFadden is still down. Ain't gonna find any arguments here, hoss.

  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist John Harris and Steelers beat writer Scott Brown play Pardon The Interruption. Highlight 1: John Harris suggesting Daniel Sepulveda could or should be rookie of the year! Highlight 2: Scott Brown suggesting the Patriots need to work on their stealth videotaping skills, and John Harris putting the word out to Steven Spielberg.

  • This week's police blotter chock full of Pennsylvania Running Backs: Steelers' Deuce Davenport and Penn State's Austin Scott. As far as Davneport is concerned - like I said in comment on D.C. Steeler Nation this afternoon - sometimes, like wayne brady, you just gotta choke a bitch. And regarding Austin Scott - they oughta lock his ass up and throw away the key. Awful human being. Course, I guess there's something to be said for innocent until proven guilty, huh?
Last thing I want to mention today is that my good friend Domski will be back in the 'Burgh this weekend. So if any of you yinzers see him out and about, possibly eating a fruit parfait (exhibit A below) or maybe some potato pancakes at Eat n' Park, feel free to say hello and ask him if he thinks the Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl. Taking the weekend off for a change. See yinz on Monday, drink some 'ahrns for me this weekend.

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