October 11, 2007

Did Someone Have A Senior Moment???

Normally, I don't write about college football, because to be honest I barely pay attention to it until BCS time. But I am admittedly a Penn State fan, as I did go there...for one year...before transferring...and so when shit like this happens I have an obligation to interject a little humor via what we call "the blogosphere." Plus this isn't really about Penn State football so much as it is about a fussy Joe Paterno.

What the hell am I talking about? I'm talking about the man, the myth, the legend... the angry old ball coach? It seems JoePa is getting some flak over a little recent traffic spat in which he pulled along side some chick who ran a stop sign and barked:

"Boy, you went through that sign...Don't do that again, because I took your license number."
Apparently, ol' Joe must have forgotten that he wasn't on the field, and not everyone is Anthony Morelli. And you know, the story kind of goes on from here. Chick's husband gets out, knocks on JoePa's window, says "hey buddy, that's my wife," Joe quips "Boy, that's your problem," chick and husband take offense, tell cops and every media outlet from here to Japan...yada yada yada, you know, that old story.

But what is important here is that JoePa says this is normal behavior for him. Yep, at 80 years old, he's still just as much educator and disciplinarian as he was at...at least...uh 55? As, he tells us:
"I must do that 10 times a year, because I think students have a disregard for safety"
Hey, somebody's gotta knock some sense into these crazy kids these days! And who better than JoePa?

You know what though? I'll bet this is all just a manifestation of JoePa's stress. The man's been second guessed more times in the last 10 years than most people will be in an entire lifetime. In fact, I'm thinking he was kind of hinting at something when he said:
"I'm not the greatest guy in the world. I make a lot of mistakes, and they want to second-guess my coaching. But gee, when I was doing what I thought was helpful. ... Now it's a national event.
'Course I'm not really sure that was English...at least not proper English but who's counting. Either way, glad I'm not gonna be in Not-So-Happy Valley anytime soon. Last thing I need is JoePa on my ass.

That's all for now!

Police Find No Violation After Paterno, Motorist Exchange Words [Associated Press via Yahoo! Sports]

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