September 28, 2007

Those Must Be Them Pittsburgh Pigeons ...

Normally I try and limit the amount of non-Steelers coverage on this blog. It's just good form. However, like the Steelers Style feature earlier, I just couldn't resist touching on this one.

Get this, "operators of the Cincinnati Bengals Paul Brown Stadium" have asked for the city's permission to hunt and kill pigeons that have been "pooping" on Bengals fans during home games...Per the article in this morning's Cincinnati Enquirer:

"Pigeon droppings have been falling on patrons and into their food and beverages, according to a letter to the city from Eric Brown, managing director of Paul Brown Stadium Ltd...

He [Brown] asked in his letter that stadium employees who are familiar with firearms be allowed to shoot birds a few days prior to an event, adding that company officials believe the shooting to be a “cost-effective way to get this problem under control."
Wow, birds shitting on and around Bengals fans'? Into their food and beverages? Only in Ohio.

And now look, I'm not gonna say that we might not propose the same solution in Pittsburgh. 'Cause let's face it, in PA, hunting is pretty popular among the masses. But I'm pretty sure there's other ways to handle this problem without hunting pigeons in an NFL stadium. Like, for instance, the team could just stop sucking. I'm pretty sure if the Bengals weren't so worthless, no one would shit on them, including myself and these pigeons. 'Course, I'm being facetious, but I'm just saying, maybe the problem goes deeper than just some pesky, trouble-making, pigeons. Maybe it's the team itself that's encouraging this...either way, something fun to look for on Monday Night Football this week!

Plus, one thing's for sure: come October 28, it ain't gonna be pigeons shitting on these Bengals's gonna be Tomlin, Big Ben, Fast Willie Parker, and the rest of the Steelers! PS - according to the majority (of the few of you who voted) in the poll this week, you think the Bengals will be the first team to challenge the Steelers. Will you be right? We shall see...

The Official Letter Sent [Cincinnati Enquirer]

More later.

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The Chief said...

And how stupid of the Bungles to fall right into PETA's hands, huh?