September 26, 2007

They Go Together Like Lamb and Tuna Fish...

Ok, so I have subscribed to receive e-mail updates from when there's something, you know, important going on with the team, sales on merchandise, and/or other such pressing agendas. So you can imagine my surprise when the other day I get an email from entitled "Steelers Style 2007." Intrigued, I hit the "show images" button in my email to get a better idea of what exactly they meant.

Low and behold, it's a god damned fashion show!! A Steelers fashion show featuring a number of the teams stars including event Co-Captains, the slender Casey Hampton and GQ's next Man of the Year, Big Ben. No cheerleaders, but a man fashion show? I'm confused.

Anyways, it's all for charity. So I suppose if you're in the general Pittsburgh area, do your part to make this world better and go watch Kendall Simmons walk down the runway to poundingly loud techno and pray that you get to see him "shake a little booty." By the way, should we be alarmed that it's apparently much easier to find a picture of Big Ben on the runway than Casey Hampton?? Wasn't Casey involved in that "NFL Big Man Dance Challenge" a couple years ago?

Steelers Style 2007...what else do you want me to say?

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