April 24, 2009

Corner, SECURED!

THIS JUST IN - The Steelers have signed Keiwan Ratliff - formerly of the Indianapolis Peyton Mannings.

You may remember this character from this past November 9, when he picked off Big Ben (more like just caught a Big Ben pass) in our turnover bedshitting performance against the Colts.

So, I guess this pretty much means no Corner in the early rounds on Saturday.

But does it mean O-Line?

Either way, the smart money says sit back and watch Big Time Kevin Colbert work his magic.

Any keen insight you have on this, please feel free to add it here...

PS - "Keiwan?" Good name...?

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Grumpy said...

I thought he sucked in Cincy, but that's just me.

Dr Obvious said...

He's a fourth string corner. He's allowed to not be great.

This seems to me to be a signing that leaves us with no immediate needs. We can genuinely take the BPA with round 1 and 2 and work on depth on the second day.

This is a good strategy, even if it doesn't pay off right away.

big TC said...

Yes! my boy KEIWAN! actually, i really never herd of him, but good pick up.

Honestly, our draft could go either way, o-lineman, or best avalable. I know either way its going to be intresting.

also, sorry i haven't been on lately. offseason= me hiding from the world, in a bedroom, eating hot pockets and watching pens game.

Marc said...

There is the vegetarian Hot Pocket for those of us who don't want to eat meat, but would still like diarrhea. Diarrhea Pockets!

Cotter said...

Hot. I love diarrhea.

As for this Ratliff character, I'm actually pleased with the move. It adds EXPERIENCED depth at a position for which we needed some depth, and it eliminates a position from our list of needs in the early rounds. He certainly isn't expected to be a Pro Bowler, but if he can step in when needed and not make any stupid mistakes, great!

I say, WIN!

Grumpy said...

I may be wrong, but I think he returned kicks in Cincy. That would be a plus.

domski43 said...

the competition between deshea, william gay, and Ratliff will only make the steelers secondary stronger with the loss of mcfadden.

I like the Steelers efforts toward signing Stefan Logan, talking to Roscoe Parish, and signing Ratliff to improve the return game. The offense and defense will benefit from better field position.

go pens

tecmo said...

DIARRHEA pockets


Cotter said...

Holy shit, I totally forgot about that. Gaffigan'd! AHHHH!!!!