March 3, 2009

Nate Washington Rolling Them Dice...

Here's the part where I'm supposed to care that Nate Washington is now a Tennessee Titan.

Say what you will about the guy, but for as decent of a season as he put together last year, he had his share of problems.

Like, Exhibit A here. I think that actually may have been the most egregious violation...topping even the history of drops.

Dude was fast as hell, though.

And I will concede that this makes things kind of murky on the depth chart.

Who do you move into the #3? SWEED?

You think he can handle that? Certainly didn't instill a whole lot of confidence last year, but I'm hopeful.

I just want to know, if you're the Titans, how are you going to offer Nate Washington six years at $27 million (9 of that guaranteed)? Don't get me wrong, I love Nate Washington as much as the next guy. But that seems like an awful lot of money to throw at a guy who's already been in the league for a few years and was never more than a 3rd receiver?

But you know what? Good for Nate Washington. I'm sure he'll love Lendale White. I know I do.


Bruce Arians thoughts on Nate Washington's replacement...

"It'll be Limas, Martin Nance and whoever we draft, one of those cats...Limas has the ability to do it. He just has to continue to grow and be consistent."
Two words - Derrick. Williams.

Oh yeah, and don't look now but things are NOT going well between Silverback and the Steelers.

All good news for us Steeler fans today.

Here's a joke to lighten the mood...

Pop Quiz - What's the hardest part about roller blading?

Give up?

Answer = Telling your Dad that you're gay.

Full disclosure - that's not my joke.

And, that's the whole post. I think fatigue is beginning to get to me.

Feel free to discuss Nate's departure in the comments. I gotta go back to Evidence class now.

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matt said...

Good for Nate, we'll miss him.

We need to get Silverback's situation done. He deserves a nice contract, but I hope he realizes he is 30 and a 6-7 year deal is unrealistic.

domski43 said...

another under performing wide receiver for the titans.

i have faith in sweed.

if losing nate means signing heath, then have fun w/ kerry collins.

cotter - nate's hairstyle is a semi-hawk, an upgrade from the gayhawk. (see - sides shaved)

Cotter said...

Matt ~ I hear you on Silverback. From the sounds of it the Steelers are unwilling to budge from whatever number they've thrown out. Silverback and his agent have come down either once or twice now and they still can't agree. Unless the Steelers are willing to let him walk, I really think they need to take this seriously and meet him somewhere more toward the middle. Then again, in the Steelers front office I trust. So we'll see.

domski ~ My hair > Nate Washington's life

Get Fresh Designs said...

buh-bye Nate.

we'll see if he can blossom into a decent WR or just fade away. I don't blame the guy for leaving, he's got his rings, plus I don't think they were planning on keeping him around either.

As for Harrison, it would be great if they resigned him, at least for 4 years, in that time the steelers can groom his replacement. I'm sure it's hard to see other free agents get paid, but look at those teams that are paying, they're desperate and will cut you in 2 years when they need cap room and you don't perform since you don't fit their system to begin with.

Grumpy said...

Two words: Martin Nance. Already has chemistry with Ben. Has size but not Nate's speed. Deal with Harrison must get done.

random asshole said...

This is positive. Now I'll be able to name at least one of the Titan's receivers.

Cotter said...

+1 for asshole!

Thanks for the laugh, dude!

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Who's Derrick Williams? I was (kinda) thinking the Steelers might entertain signing Demetrius Williams, an RFA out of Baltimore with a fourth-round tag (he was a fourth-round choice out of Oregon [?] [Oregon State?], but I don't really see that happening. They call him "Spiderman" by the way, for what THAT's worth (sticky hands, supposedly).