March 2, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Disclaimer: Since I spent almost the entire weekend exclusively on the new OFTOT (redesign) and reading for this week's classes, I had a LOT of stories to go through on my Google Reader this afternoon, many of which remain unread. So I tried to grab as many noteworthy links as possible, but you know, I have other priorities that I'm ignoring in order to write this post. IE - this is the best I can do today.

That said, if you can tell me how this headline is NOT funny, I'll give you a dollar.

First of all, the only reason I clicked on it was because I saw the byline and practically choked on my lunch. Dale Lolley? Writing for the Orange and Brown Report? Surely you jest!

Indeed, 'twas misleading. It was actually Dale Lolley writing for the Steel City Insider, which was copped by the OBR. So you can all sleep well tonight.

Anyways, I think for Steelers fans, this is pretty self-evident. We've watched as the Browns have made not one, but a great many bad moves over the years. To the point where I'm willing to bet even Browns fans know they're bad moves. Although, I can't really say that with any degree of certainty. After all, Browns fans are about as oblivious to good football business as Eagles fans are. But, you know, Ray J has his own reality TV show. So I guess stranger things have happened.

I doubt that I need to blow that point out any further for YOU all.

However, perhaps some of you are wondering why I subscribe to RSS from the OBR, a Browns publication. To you lot I'd like to reiterate a Sun Zsu quote from the Art of War, which I threw out back in December (ish) - "So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will fight without danger in battles."

So the answer = Because you never know when you're gonna have to fight without danger in battles. Duh. What'd you think?

Mondays. Eff 'em.

Here are some links. Make up your own witty transition...

Since I missed the headline of the day Friday, I didn't get to share this one with you, but Tec wrote a nice post remembering Myron Cope on the 1 year anniversary of his death (which was Friday) [PSaMP]

Also, vote for your favorite Pittsburgh Sports Blog. It's down to the final four [Sean's Ramblings]

Ed Bouchette is my new favorite person - "The Washington Redskins are great at making news in March. Thankfully for the rest of the league, they have not yet figured out a way to make any news at all in the playoffs." [Post-Gazette]

Former Ravens C Jason Brown is apparently a comedian. And a quite funny one at that [Rumors and Rants]

The lucky winners of the Dan Orlovsky bowl = the Texans...yeah, I don't know either [Associated Press]

Eagles fans angry about Dawkins' departure. But come on, what are Eagles fans NOT angry about? [Associated Press]

Speaking of free agency induced anger - apparently Ray Lewis is a little miffed about the Ravens letting Bart Scott walk. I guess no one told him there was money involved in free agency [Shutdown Corner]

One person found but two others still missing, one of whom is former Steeler Marquis Cooper [Associated Press]

Lori was at that Blackhawks game Friday?! Awesome [HFSS]

14 year old girls, 36 year old dudes, booze and a stripper pole sounds like a giant mess. And perhaps you knew these people...if you're from Bethlehem...PA, of course. I doubt THAT Bethlehem would have been too excited to hear of this debauchery [Deadspin]

Lego business cards? Where do I sign? [9-to-Fried]

I think the ones that are the most offensive are the ones that are the funniest [FAIL Blog]

Mekhi Phifer defending Chris Brown is like Clinton Portis defending Michael Vick. I don't know, I just made that up [The Superficial]

How burnt popcorn can ruin a perfectly good lunchtime workout [Cheese People]

A Steelers Twitter theme for you []

Theme of today's riffs = Songs about Snow/Winter...but it's pretty lax [Friday Morning Riffs]

On a somewhat related, but not really, note - you've heard me say it before - the Pittsburgh sports blogosphere has become completely un-navigatible (read: a cluster[eff]). There are so many Pittsburgh sports blogs out there that we may even have to make like China and start killing some off right after they're birthed (joke).

In any case, this fact makes it virtually impossible for me to comb this vast landscape every morning for links. So if you run a Pittsburgh sports blog, and you've written something entertaining, by all means, send it to me - Not that you care if you get a link here, but hey, maybe you do.

And if you're another Pittsburgh sports blog who doesn't link to me or other Pittsburgh sports blogs, suffice it to say that this is a two way street. I'm tired of servicing everyone else's blog only to receive zero love in return (...that's what she said).

Then again, I could probably say that about a lot of blogs I link to outside of the Pitt sports blog community as well.


Sort it out, dicks.

PS - Don't forget to wish Ben a happy birthday.

And finally, Blogger sucks.

That is all at this time.

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tiny350Z said...

I've also heard that Kanye West is defending Chris Brown. And my weekly Star Magazine (yes, I have a subscription) has stated that Rihanna was preggo. Crazy shit, this celebrity gossip.