March 6, 2009

Friday = Time To Get JIGgy...

Two reasons to post this video. Three, actually.

1 - The Bengals signed JT O'Sullivan as the heir to Ryan Fitzpatrick's throne. Which I guess means that being the Bengals backup QB requires you to be of Irish descent. I mean, I can't see any other reason why they'd go from Fitzpatrick to O'Sullivan. Either way, no one gives a shit.

2 - There will be no Week In Review this week. This is because tomorrow is Hoboken St. Patty's Day. And suffice it to say - if all goes well, I won't be in any shape to be posting my thoughts on the interwebs. Actually, I hope to be knee deep in several hundred pints and several hundred hot drunken females. Someone keep track of my Tweets tomorrow. There are sure to be some good ones.

3 - Related to two - "Salty Dog" is easily one of my favorite songs to listen to on St. Patty's. Really, any day for that matter. And really, any Flogging Molly (or Dropkick Murphy's) song as well. But it takes on a more special meaning when played in connection with the inevitable shit show that is St. Patrick's Day. If you ever need to get yourself in the mood to drink and be merry, I'd recommend turning to "Salty Dog." There's never been a time in my life where I've listened to this song and NOT wanted to go run through a brick wall.

Plus, there's chicks in that video doing weird shit. And you can't really go wrong entertainment wise when you've got Flogging Molly, two weird chicks and a video camera.

Not that I would know anything about it...

Anyways, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to start my weekend off right and threaten Cablevision for a few minutes. Note to anyone considering moving to Manhattan or the surrounding areas - eff Cablevision.

These pieces of shit will nickel and dime you out of every penny they can. Which is fine, and kind of expected. But, if you're like me and don't have a home phone, they'll also hound you constantly about buying their phone service. Nevermind that you don't actually own a physical handset that you might use as a landline, nor that you have absolutely no need for one because you have one of them newfangled cell phone contraptions, they will not take no for an answer.

Not to mention, when they come to hook up your cable, they'll steal the seat off of your landlord's bike. That is not a joke. That actually happened.

Cablevision = A class act

But then, I guess you can't really expect much from a company that's owned by the same guy that hired Isiah Thomas to coach the Knicks.

The next call I make is to Verizon. Fios up in this biotch!!

Anyways, this is the part where I usually post something funny to set the tone for the weekend. So, here's a little Friday action. Because there really isn't a more appropriate movie to enjoy on an actual Friday...

If this movie doesn't make you laugh, you are not human. Either that or you're German. Germans hate humor. It's in their DNA.

By the way, how this movie isn't on AFI's best films of all time list is beyond me. Someone needs to make a phone call.

Happy Weekend, friends. Use it wisely. I suggest drinking, followed by napping, followed by more drinking, followed by some heavy petting with members of the opposite sex. At least that's what I am hoping for.

Erin go bragh, jagoffs! This Irishman will catch you all on the flipside!

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