February 16, 2009

Write Your Own Headline...

Top 10 worst moods of all time right now. Not even joking. Only reason I'm posting is because I'm ashamed of that poor excuse for a headline of the day, which I had to force myself to use because there wasn't shit else going on that was of any interest. That and because a couple of interesting dudes got released today; Fred Taylor and Chris McAllister to be exact.

I'm not so intrigued by the Taylor release as I am by the McAllister release. I guess they're just trying to free up some loot to re-sign Terrell Suggs/Ray Lewis/Bart Scott? Who the hell knows? I'm sure there are a number of possibilities, a fact that some of you may want to point out in the comments. Don't bother. I can't even pretend to care about this.

Also, the Bungles have used their franchise tag on Kicker Shayne Graham. That can't say anything good when you're franchising your God damned Kicker. Would a General Manager have ever authorized this?


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1 comment:

Noah said...

Perhaps the salary thing is helping out the rest of us (err, at least the Steelers. Ohio doesn't really count....)

I'm ok with that though...at least until the uncapped season comes, and then Daniel Snyder can just buy Lombardi's on the cheap....