February 17, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Switching things up today and doing the headline of the day first...because...
A. I never got around to writing a post last night
B. Stone Cold said so


Poor Jeff Garcia, man. What a career this guy's had. I mean, exactly how many NFL franchises has he played for after the age of 30?

Generally, older QBs who stick around are either the stud starting QB or the steady, reliable veteran backup. I feel like Jeff's been right in between somewhere.

From his lowly start in the CFL (Canada, dude!), to the 49ers and having to deal with T.O., to the Browns (no explanation needed), to the Lions (again, no explanation necessary), to the Eagles, where he took over for Donovan McGimpy in November 2006 and took the Eagles to a division championship and the playoffs, only to find that they didn't want him back (because they don't really want to win), then finally to the Bucs, where he enjoyed a couple of good years under Gruden, Jeff Garcia has never really stuck. And now, jobless again.

For some reason that I can't quite explain, I'm a Jeff Garcia apologist. I feel bad for the guy. He seems like a hard worker. I mean anyone who doesn't break into the NFL until they're almost 30 has my respect. It's hard enough to play QB in the league UNDER the age of 30, let alone having the majority of your professional career happen as your body is "breaking down."

So where will Jeff Garcia be next season? My guess? Minnesota. Think about it.

Either way, my hat goes off to you, Jeff. And honestly, if you don't come back next year, hanging out with your hot ass wife shouldn't be too terrible of a way to spend your new-found free time. Nahmeen?

Jeff Garcia. Field. General.

Links. Here they are for your viewing pleasure...

This mock draft has the Steelers taking Alex Mack, C, California in the 1st round and Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma in the 2nd round. But how's this for credibility? The description of Loadholt reads - "A physical right tackle who will create some movement up front in the Steelers’ power-run scheme." Power run scheme, that's rich! [National Football Post]

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Silverback's agent to meet with the Steelers at the combine [Trib]

Keith Butler tells the Cards no dice on the D-Coordinator job, Tomlin's staff stays intact... [Post-Gazette]

If anyone needs a $16 million Defensive Tackle, DeWayne Robertson's recently become available [ESPN]

Is Knowshon Moreno the new LT? Well, one thing's for sure - they both have weird ass first names [Scout.com]

One of the Patriots is scheduled to testify at the Barry Bonds hearing? That's rather interesting... [Associated Press]

Dejuan Blair put it down last night! [SI.com]

Lori's adventures in poetry [HFSS]

Fake Headlines Department reporting in - Carbolic Smoke Ball tells us that the Dept. of Defense has hired Godfather of the Zone Blitz, Dick LeBeau. In reality, probably not a bad idea. Lebau doesn't mess around [Carbolic Smoke Ball]

HHR contends to ask A-Rod the REAL burning questions [HHR]

This is just WRONG [FAIL Blog]

Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) wrote a column on CNN.com. A serious one. Yeah, I know! [CNN.com]

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tecmo said...

I was just telling my sister yesterday that the Steelers should draft Mack. If we stick with Hartwig for another season, Mack could learn the Guard position while grooming to be the Center of the future.

Vern said...

I think it's gonna be Mack but it kind of depends on who is available at that point. For example, we thought we might have a shot at a decent OT last year but didn't while no one thought that Mendenhall would still be around.

Cotter said...

Totally, it's always how the chips fall. I'm sure Colbert has a number of potential 1st rounders on his radar. Hopefully one is Mack. I wouldn't mind at this point drafting a good ass Center. And hell, I'll definitely take an OT in the 2nd round too.

tecmo said...

I'm thinking the team HAS to get Mack, or an equal O Lineman, in the first round. IDK if we can move up in case some other team is eyeing Mack, but we sorta need him. I can't see Tomlin or Colbert justifying a "best player availble" pick two years in a row with our currnet O Line the way it is.

As I wrote in my post today, keep Kemoeatu (he has more upside than Colon), hopefully keep Hartwig one more year, use Mack as the RG this year and he's the C of the future. Mack could make that right side way more better.

Get Fresh Designs said...

this is the part of year when I sit back and read names of people I have never heard. good thing you guys around to sort it out for me.

thanks for the link cotter.

domski43 said...

if the steelers cant get a decent o-lineman in the first round, i hope they go after a good 3 technique defensive end. (hopefully similar to aaron smith, which will be really difficult to find.) The d-line is aging and some of their contracts will be up soon.

Garcia to the Vikes.. i like that.

tecmo said...

I think D Line could be a luxury pick, but only if we address O Line first. D Line is getting older, but I still don't see guys like Smith, Keisel and Hampton completely falling off a cliff this year and rivaling 08's O Line. Those guys will still be around, doing work. I think we can use a mid-round pick to get a solid D Line backup, and make D Line a priority in next year's draft. That way, we can flip flop with this year...hopefully get an O Line starter like Mack early, and next year get depth.

P-G is saying all coaches are coming back.I want to punch a hole through Arians and Zierlein.

Cotter said...

Brad Childress (west coast disciple), Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, Bernard Berrian, Visanthe Shiancoe...tell me Garcia couldn't work with that, even at 38 or whatever.

tecmo said...

Garcia is always treated like a red-headed step-QB. Dude does nothing but win, save for the debacles in Detroit and Cleveland where they were downtrodden franchises that had the only open starting QB positions available for Jeff at the time.

I find it ridiculous that he keeps winning, and keeps getting shat on by the organizations. Plus, I've seen his wife's naked funparts.

I'll go on the record and say that if he doesn;t end up in Minny, you'll see him in Chicago or Carolina. SF could really use him back.