February 16, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Alright, so I'm not entirely sure this was the best choice for today's headline, but frankly, like I said on Twitter this morning, today's news is about as exciting as watching the Cleveland Browns.

I guess that's what happens when the media knows everyone's got the day off and would rather use it to have fun than sit at their computer/wherever the hell you read an actual newspaper (it's been so long that I've forgotten) and read about who died, what caught fire, who's to blame for our problems or which baseball player admitted to juicing today. Which probably also means that no one will read this either...so be it.

Anyways, this is indeed today's "headline."

My initial thought when I read this was, "give me a break, dude!" But I only say that because I fail to see how Mr. Rooney talking about "the glories of the NFL and "Steeler Nation" in particular" leads one to think about how he did/did not help Mike Webster.

That said, if Mr. Rooney was going to help Mike Webster, it would have only been out of the goodness of his own heart (which I suppose was the point, but whatev). As far as I know, retired players are typically the "beneficiaries" of the NFL's retirement plan, not their former team's.

I don't really know what Mr. Rooney and the Steelers did and did not do for Mike Webster. Mike Webster's tale is absolutely one of the saddest in recent NFL history and yeah, it might have been nice if Mr. Rooney threw some extra scratch his way. But if you're trying to downplay Mr. Rooney's reputation as a human being because you're a sore loser, spare me.

If you're looking for someone to blame on this one, Lee, you better look somewhere else. Like the league itself, whose inadequate disbursement of retirement benefits contributed to Mike's tragic end, or the player's association, who refused to bargain on behalf of retired players because they no longer paid it's officials' salaries (though, I might be wrong, but I think retired players do still pay union dues).

Not ironic in the least, this is actually the topic I chose for my Sports Law writing assignment. So Lee Jorgenson, I'll keep you informed as to what I end up uncovering.

Until then, Super Bowl XL. Remember it.

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Happy President's Day, kids!

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