February 4, 2009

[Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show - Super Bowl Outtake Reel...

I feel like I should say something meaningful, being that this is the last outtake reel of the season. But to be honest, I got nothing.

It's been a blast making this thing over the last four or five months, but I'm kind of ok with it taking a break for the off season. It may not look it, but this thing's a lot of work. Raw footage, at least the way we do things, can take a long time to sift through, just to find 10 or 20 seconds of usable footage. And you notice I said "usable," not "good." Then, there was putting all of those 10-20 second clips together, adding the "title screens," and publishing to YouTube (not to mention, troubleshooting any of their garbage).

Couple all that with having to write actual substantive (and I use that term loosely) posts, a full time job, law school at night, and whatever other shenangins I got into during that time, and you can see where I might be relieved to be done.

We tried to make this thing entertaining each week; both the show and outtake reel. Hopefully it was. I'd say that it was for sure, but frankly, I'm not one to tell anyone else what is and is not entertaining to THEM.

So anyways, here's the last of this season's [Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show Outtake Reels.

...Someone get me some tissues...


Watch it again over at PSaMP.

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