February 5, 2009

Leave It To A Browns Fan...

Apparently some garbage "newspaper" out in Phoenix, calling itself the Phoenix New-Times, ran a story just before the Super Bowl titled, "Talking (to) Trash." And as you might imagine from it's oh so subtle suggestiveness, that headline refers to the writers view that we Steelers fans are "trash."

The whole thing is basically a bulleted list of some pretty out of line insults that Cardinals fans could throw at Steelers fans, which I'm willing to bet was probably necessary since Arizona's fan base seemed pretty ill equipped to do much of anything in a traditional fan sense.

I'm not even going to paste some of them on here they're so obnoxious (See: Invoking the name Kordell), but if you wanna get fired up, feel free to check them out yourself.

Some of the "tamer" ones were...

"You know what separates Cardinals fans from Steelers fans?" Then, open your mouth, point to your teeth and say, "They're all real, baby!"

"Big Ben's not gonna to remember his mama's face if he takes another big hit. He'll be hugging the first wrinkled skank in cut-offs he sees."

"You're drinking beer out of a cup? Security must've taken your Mason jar."

"Man, I'm surprised you can cheer so loud with black lung!" (Any authentic Steelers fan's got at least a cousin or two who's died from the terrible disease.)
Of course this hack is a Browns fan. Which, apparently because of the Browns consistent bed shitting, he feels entitles him to be an asshole.

Frankly, if my team were so miserable year after year I'd have a hard time talking shit to anyone. But as we well know, Browns fans are a highly irrational bunch devoid of logic, common sense, and decency.

I just find it rather amusing that this guy's a Browns fan and he's calling Steelers fans trash? He must not know any other Browns fans.

Be sure to read the comments. I'm pretty sure they're all from Steelers fans.

What a waste of internet space.


Vern said...

I'm on it.

domski43 said...

great insults.

staph infection city vs. most livable city

6burgh baby!

ladi_izz said...

Part of me wants to tear him a new one, but the other part doesn't want to generate a hit for him. I've decided to not click on the link. He's a Browns fan, that's misery enough.

I don't know what kind of brain damage Ben will have, but as long as he can count his rings on his hands (which is more than the Browns franchise), he'll be all right.

shawnk said...

that was funny...had to read it just to witness the sheer stupidity of the article....loved the comments...i noticed no one came to his defense..typical brownie

Anonymous said...

dude. every team puts up with this shit. like when they said flyers fans look like they should work security for megadeth.


there are some UGLY steelers fans out there though.


Cotter said...

Yes. We all know that. Thank you for reminding us. Just making light of this particular instance involving Steelers fans.