February 5, 2009

Stop The Presses!

The Steelers sign Doug Legursky to a two year deal.

Wait, who's Doug Legursky?

Oh yeah, practice squad Center.

$10 says this means we don't draft an O-lineman until at least the 4th round, again this year.

Nah, I'm just being a dick. I'm sure Doug Legursky is a solid individual. But it does sort of make me wonder what this means to the current O-line sitch.

Feel free to share any thoughts in the comments. And if you're Doug Legursky or any of Doug Legursky's extended family, congratulations!

Yeah...this is the kind of stuff that happens in the offseason...


Get Fresh Designs said...

in a perfect world all the free agent lineman would re-sign with the team at a fair price, but they just won the super bowl and shitty teams have hard-ons for players who are free agents and just won the super bowl and throw a HUGE pile of money at them. I don't blame them for taking it.

domski43 said...

thou shall not question the dealings of the pittsburgh steelers.

everyone was upset about overpaying starks last year, but look how it worked out.

the steelers obviously know what they are doing.

domski43 said...

cotter - i guess that rules out drafting aq shipley

Cotter said...

Another year, another letdown for Moon. First Boni, now Shipley. When will it be Moon's time?

Cotter said...

By the way, I'm not questioning their methods. I trust in Kevin Colbert. Especially after I learned that he is a good ass hockey player. I'm just saying, this may have implications for the current O-line. Conversation starter, nahmeen?

domski43 said...

cotter - check pennsylvania state titles.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Ah, Dough Legursky: He's a legit strongman, a tough guy from Marshall U. who offers some position-versatility at the center and guard positions (much like Darnell Stapleton). Like Stapleton, too, he was an undrafted free agent. Also has experience long-snapping. Seems like a good guy to have on the team. For more info:


Just because he was