February 5, 2009

At Least He Didn't Drop His Pants...

Jeff Reed dropped the puck last night for the Pens 4-3 OT win over Ryan Malone and the douchey Tampa Bay Lightning (of course Malone scored).

And Big Ben was chillin' in the box with Super Mario, laughing it up about God knows what...

Maybe Jagr's mullet, I don't know.

Anyways, this begs the obvious question - Are the Steelers good luck for the Pens?

Either way, didn't Jeff Reed say he dyed his hair because he told the team he would if they made the playoffs? So then, now that we won the Super Bowl, shouldn't he, you know, think about, I don't know, cutting that shit off?

I'm not gonna lie to you, I've been the purveyor of many subpar hairstyles in my day (see the 7th grade Skater cut, the Jeff Reed style blowout, long hair that made me look like a chick), but one thing I've always known is when it's time to go in a different direction. Someone should send Jeff Reed the memo.

Jeff, it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Time for that mess on top of your cranium to go. Clean up in aisle Jeff Reed's melon!

Oh, and you and Mitch Berger have a choreographed dance that you do...out in public...in the presence of chicks? I knew this was all Mitch Berger's fault. At least it's a derivation of Sandy Domski's favorite, the electric slide.

By the way, Vincent Lecavalier has a ridic name.


Anonymous said...

not such an obvious question. steelers can't be that good for the pen's luck. they are currently 5-4-1 in the last 10 games and need more than 55 points to get back in the game.

jeff reed looks like he SLEEPS in a helmet with that hair haha.

Cotter said...

Right, but the game where the Steelers showed up to the igloo, the Pens won. Did they not?

big TC said...

heres a little nerd moment for me but Reed's hair is like something out of Dragon Ball Z lol

Cotter said...

Either that or he stuck his finger in an electrical outlet. Wouldn't surprise me if he did.

Anonymous said...

@ TC: I was totally thinking that, but I didn't want to say it.

I don't know if Jeff will cut it immediately, maybe he'll dye it some outrageous color before he shaves his head again.