February 8, 2009

Silverback Attack [on SNL]...

This skit sucked. But, since it was Steelers related and on national TV, I figured I'd throw it up here for y'all who missed it.

Silverback was played by the dude from Goodburger, which I guess was the only viable option considering he's the only black cast member. I think NBC needs to implement the Rooney Rule or something...

Frankly, I thought SNL had hit rock bottom years ago. I was wrong. They're clearly still descending into the chasm of irrelevancy. Too bad, really. That show used to be comedy gold. The early 90s, dude? Laugh riot city.

Anyways, enjoy! And I'll see y'all tomorrow.

(h/t Sheena)


Anonymous said...

Watching any episode of SNL since about 2000 makes me miss Phil Hartman really bad, you have no idea how much I loved him.

I used to have a crush on Keenan back in the days of All That, but seeing some of his stuff on SNL, I'm thinking Kel Mitchell carried that duo.

Not sure why I shared that, but whatev.

big TC said...

phil hartman ruled. Same with Chris Farley. Its a shame to see both them gone.

i loved the movie goodburger