February 14, 2009

OFTOT Week In Review...

Valentine's Day, what a crock.

Oh, this is the one day of the year I'm supposed to show how much I love my wife/girlfriend/whatever? Um, am I not supposed to do that every day of the year? What the hell do I need with a holiday specifically to display my love for the person I'm with? Oh, right, now I remember - all the card companies, the florists, the candy companies, all need some love too. Why don't we just call it "National Support Commerce Day?"

In case you couldn't guess, I'm pretty jaded about VD Day. I've never really understood it. But that didn't stop me from putting together a list of my top 10 love songs. Yeah, I may not like the holiday, but I'll use any excuse I can to throw some music up here. So, being that it's some sort of day of love, feel free to listen to any or all of these sweet ballads whilst reviewing the week here at OFTOT.

Here they are, in reverse order...

10. "Unchained Melody" - Righteous Brothers

Super gay song, but hey, it's a classic. I don't really have much to say about this. It was written way before my time and I've only heard of it really because of the fact that it was in the movie, Ghost. Embarrassing admission #1278 - I've seen the movie Ghost. Doesn't mean I liked it...

9. "November Rain" - Guns N Roses

There was a time when Axel Rose rocked. This was it. This song and video was the best, man. Slash is the dude.

8. "Every Breath You Take" - The Police

Let's be honest, if this didn't make the list, you couldn't take it seriously. Come on, tell me you don't love The Police?

7. "Right Here Waiting" - Richard Marx

I hate you, Richard Marx. I can't believe I'm putting you on this list. This song is the worst, man.

6. "Love of a Lifetime" - Firehouse

Did Firehouse even have any other hits? I don't imagine they'd have to, after this business. Super sappy, but still awesome.

5. "With or Without You" - U2

Back when U2 wrote good music, this was a solid love tune. I can't tell you how many times I've jammed out to this in my car.

4. "True Love Waits" - Radiohead

You may not have ever heard this song. I'm not sure they ever released it on an album. Nevertheless, it's probably my favorite Radiohead song of all time. For several reasons, not the least of which is the person who introduced me to it. And that's all I've got to say about that.

3. "Bed of Roses" - Bon Jovi

Man, it was tough choosing between this and "Always." "Always" is a good jam, but I didn't think it quite measured up to the sappiness of "Bed of Roses." I remember when this shit came out. I thought Jon Bon Jovi was the biggest pussy. But at that time, no one had introduced me to Slippery When Wet or New Jersey yet. So I didn't really know the truth. Bon Jovi is bad ass.

2. "I'll Catch You" - The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids are one of my favorite bands of all time. I cherish their entire catalog. This song is from arguably their most successful album - "Something to Write Home About," which is pretty epic and if you've never heard it, you should definitely make firm plans to in the near future. Anyways, I think the song title says it all.

1. "For Me This Is Heaven" - Jimmy Eat World

"Can you still feel the butterflies" is perhaps the most quoted lyric in my lexicon of good song lyrics. It doesn't sound like much out of context, but listen to the song and listen for that line. You'll understand what I'm sayin'. I'm not sure I can adequately state how much I love this song.

And here are 2 bonus tracks, because I make the rules...

"Konstantine" - Something Corporate

Unfortch, I can no longer listen to this song because it reminds me of things I don't want to be reminded of, but it's an amazing song and I used to love it. It's a little whiny, but hey, it's emo. What else do you expect? Try not to hold that against it.

"I Miss You" - Bryan Fenkhart

This is another amazing jam from a little known artist that of all people, the chick who did my last tattoo recommended to me. It's only a clip of the song, but if you like it, I strongly urge you to download the whole album on iTunes. It's fantastic.

I don't know why I didn't just put those two in the list. Whatev.

Now, for the week in review...

This week we...

1. Watched SNL do a weak parody of Silverback and laughed at the show's irrelevancy...

2. Struggled to find Steelers related news to discuss, opting instead for making fun of random people...

3. Chris Jericho is a dick...

4. Ripped on the octuplet Mom like 80 times in the AFC North Headlines of the Day (I may have to rename this for the offseason)...

5. Some of us discussed the Steelers free agency sitch...some of us took a nap, apparently...

6. Heard Brett Favre announce his retirement...for at least a few months...

7. I wrote a rap about Silverback...never a good sign...

8. Got to know me a bit better in lieu of Meeting People Is Easy (which will be back next week...e-mail me if you want to be on the panel)...

9. Capped off, or at least I thought we'd capped off, the week with a little Outside Providence...

10. Discovered a ridic video of two Point Park chicks dancing to that God awful Steeler Ladies song...

And that was all she wrote for this week, folks.

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Lastly, despite how I may feel about this joke of a holiday, I hope y'all have a Happy Valentines Day and that of all times, you don't take your wife, husband, fiancee, significant other or whatever for granted today. Be thankful for the love you share and for Christ's sake, celebrate this thing the right way. I think you know what I'm referring to...

Screw Virginia, OFTOT is for lovers. And don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise...


Nate said...

I woke up this morning to sunshine here on the west coast, but my ears were bleeding. Huh - weird, right? Then I go online and see that Cotter's shredding U2 again. "Back when U2 wrote good music." Typical. We need to get this Riffs thing going 'cause I will bring the heat.

A) Every Breath You Take is not a love song, it's a stalker song. It's saying "I love you" the same way Annie Wilkes would to Paul Sheldon . . . with a 12-lb sledge to the ankles. Of course, given your respectable disdain for the VD holiday, maybe that's what you were aiming for.

2) With Or Without You is just south of a true love song. Kind of like saying, "Hey, baby - I love you, but I'm thisclose to telling you to kick bricks. I might even do it by this afternoon." Didn't stop my buddy from using it as his wedding song, but that's another story. This is the greatest song ever made by anyone, though. If you're gonna drop a U2 song in this list, might I suggest:
All I Want Is You from "Rattle And Hum" (originally written as a coda for WOWY)
Promenade from "The Unforgettable Fire"

iii) As long as you're listing Unchained Melody...

d) I'll admit that their recent single Get On Your Boots mostly blows, but U2 still brings it. Exhibits...
In A Little While from 2000's "All That You Can't Leave Behind"

Miracle Drug from 2004's "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb"

I could go on, obviously, but you already stopped reading 3 paragraphs ago.

Cotter said...

Hahahahahahaha. Dude, I love how fired up you get about U2. I'm honestly just giving them shit now because it pisses you off.

"All I Want Is You" is def a solid love song. As is "Miracle Drug" (despite the fact that it was on that album). And I'm a big fan of both. But I just happened to think "With or Without You" is/was a better song. Whether it's 100% on point as a love song wasn't really important in my decision making process (as you pointed out with Every Breath You Take).

And hey, if you could go on, feel free. I know I'd love to hear more of your suggestions, as I imagine the 10 other people that are reading this today will to.

PS - Check your email.

What would Brady Quinn do?

tiny350Z said...

Cotter, I completely agree with your first paragraph. But I think we should call it, "Happy Hallmark Day."

Enjoy the day - and even better? Go stock up on the VD candy that'll be on sale tomorrow!

We're gonna watch College Basketball, and maybe go to the Gun Show - a real one - not my biceps. Now that's romance! (seriously!)

Cotter said...

You're a paragon of romanticism, tiny.

Enjoy the gun show. If you see Plaxico Burress, tell him I say, "what's up."

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the benifit of my mother being an elementary school teacher, bringing home the excess candy from her kids' party. Pixxi Stix FTW!

November Rain is my absolute, most favorite song of all time. Slash's guitar solos were just epic.

Nate said...

Yup, 2nage puts a fire in my belly.

I can't believe you didn't even touch on Extreme. That's right. I said Extreme. Keeping with the VD theme:

Song For Love
(Unreal how many YouTube clips exist of Bettencourt-wannabes playing the solo from this song. Of course that whole song is unreal. Extreme is unreal.)

When I First Kissed You
I think this is where they were hoping critics would say, "Wow, what artistic breadth. Gary Cherone is a modern-day Sinatra." FAIL. Extreme should have sold this song to Sting. They'd have made more money off the royalties.

Tragic Comic
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you music videography in 1992.

Seven Sundays
Extreme never made a video for this, so some fan threw some Final Fantasy footage to it. To quote Pensblog, "me = stunned."


Cotter said...

Well, I was trying not to venture into the realm of "too pussy," but if you wanna go there, how about "Kissing You" - Des'ree.

Doesn't get any more puss than that but what a song.

Or how about "Never Tear Us Apart" - Inxs?

You gotta agree, that's a solid tune. Am I wrong?

Nate said...

You threw up a Valentine's post and you're worried about going pussy?

Never Tear Us Apart is a great song. Bono's been known to bust that out at shows at the end of All I Want Is You. Yes, it always comes back to U2. Embrace it. Love it.

As for Des'ree . . . no comment.

I have fond memories involving Engima, though.

Hey - look who learned to link. Baby's all growns up and all growns up.