February 20, 2009

Meeting People Is Easy...

Yes folks, it's back! After a short two week hiatus, it is my pleasure to bring y'all the official first offseason edition of Meeting People Is Easy!

It may not be Steelers related, but I'm kind of hoping that this thing'll help get us through the coming months of impending doom. Hopefully we'll even get some more new peeps involved, like we did this week.

Anyways, keepin' it real in this milestone MPIE are your panelists, including...

1. Neena ~ Big fan of CAKE.

2. John Woods ~ Thank you for the night terrors, J-Dub. Furries are no joke.

3. Tiny350z ~ Apparently has a friend in the Russian Federation...

4. big TC ~ This was a very solid performance for TC. I think he's made great strides since his first appearance in MPIE. I see a lot of promise in this up and comer.

5. Doug ~ I banished Doug to Canada last night because he doesn't like thin mint cookies. If you don't like thin mints, America has no place for you.

6. Keith ~ Pulling out the U2 so Nate doesn't have to. Teamwork at it's finest.

7. Shawn K ~ Wait, the experts don't know shit? You mean you don't agree that the Browns are going to the Super Bowl next year? Consider my mind blown.

8. Jon ~ My Twitter buddy and the smooth operator behind Doubledumbassonyou.com.

9. Noah ~ I'm not sure I would want to see Steely McBeam naked with a pitchfork. Unless by Steely McBeam you mean Megan Fox (semi-NSFW).

10. Nate ~ He asked me to answer question #4 for him. My answer? "Wannabe" - Spice Girls. It's probably true, too.

11. Steve ~ The man, the myth, the legend of the ESPN Sports Center Live commercials and proprietor of Steve Is Alive. Also needs to stop touching himself during Pens games.

12. Colin Farrel ~ Oh wait, no. That's just me and my dashing good looks.

And now that you know who you're dealing with, it's time that you enjoy our musings.

You know how this works.

Click to enlarge...

MPIE is a hell of a drug.

See y'all for this afternoon's twilight "welcome to the weekend" post.

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tiny350Z said...

Russia, huh? I've got nothing witty in response to that.
The Polamalu song is probably in my head almost as much as the song I listed... nice call, Neena.

big TC said...

i may have had a solid performance this week, but i need to confess. i used steriods and hgh substances.