February 20, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Whoa, good headline, dude. You think of that all by yourself? I mean, that must've really put a strain on your gray matter's creative sector. I hope you didn't pull a hammy or something.

Are you even trying?


And whoever wrote this probably gets paid 50 times what I get paid. Of course, 50 times zero is still zero. So yeah.

What did you want from me? It's Friday - surprisingly a slow news day. As if every other day this week was chock full of hot news items. Yeah, right. Loving the offseason, kids!

PS - Meeting People Is Easy coming at ya early afternoon. Check back around 1-ish.

Oh, and find of the day (poss the year)...

How is it even possible that I still have this?

I may not have much for you in the way of commentary this morning, but these links sure do...

This race is way too close. Go vote for my ass, now! Whatever [Sean's Ramblings]

ESPN's Mount Rushmore of PA sports selections are weak as hell [PSaMP]

Mendenhall's rehab ahead of schedule. Cool [Post-Gazette]

Steelers > Eagles. Just ask Rendell [HHR]

Now that Starks is getting PAID, is McFadden out? [BTSC]

Steelers interested in AQ Shipley? I guess all those subliminal messages I've been sending Kevin Colbert are working [Trib]

Interview with AQ Shipley at the combine [Rivals.com]

That dude on the Raiders whose name is unpronounceable just got paid [Shutdown Corner]

The Combine is overrated. I can get down with that sentiment [Moondog Sports]

You wanna talk about steroids in football? [Associated Press]

Derek Anderson to Tampa? [Tampa Tribune]

Sergei Gonchar doesn't take any shit. Pens win [The Pensblog]

Make no mistake - the Bucs are not this year's Rays [WHYGAVS]

Wait, the Red Sox voted for a salary cap? The BOSTON Red Sox? No shit [Associated Press]

What does this video remind you of?? [RootZoo]

I don't think this will be enough weed to calm angry Seacocks fans [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

FAIL Blog. Enough said [FAIL Blog 1 | FAIL Blog 2]

Theme at The Riffs = "Songs by artists we've seen live and loved." The tracks are infinitely better than the theme, I promise [Friday Morning Riffs]

You know what? That's it, I'm making some moves on this blog. We're in severe need of...
A. A redesign, and
B. More pages

Look for that to happen. Eventually. Probably when I stop being a waste of life. In otherwords, don't hold your breath.

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