February 19, 2009

Max Starks, Secured!

I wonder which weighs more - Max Starks's 345 pounds or the $8,451,000 he just got when the Steelers franchised his ass?

Either way, we've got Big Max Starks for at least one more year, at a somewhat heavy price. It's cool, we'll just have to stop feeding Anthony Smith. Sorry, buddy. In this economic climate, concessions must be made.

I would've reported this earlier, but I was too busy getting lost on Canal St., which consequently can die in multiple fires, and getting AIDS/Syphilis/Chlamydia/Terrell Suggs disease on the E train.

Good times.

Reactions? Happy? Sad? Hungry?

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tecmo said...

The E sucks something fierce.

Cotter said...

It's criminal, man. Those things need to be dipped in bleach.

Noah said...

I guess it's alright, as long as he doesn't suck.

matt said...

It just doesn't sound right...Max Starks is franchised.

I'm gonna let it marinate for a while.