February 25, 2009

About Last Night...

Let's face it, I'm almost guaranteed to not have anything decent up until like at least 10 AM this morning. So for those of you early risers or whatever, a special treat. Not really, though.

Last night, you'll remember that our new President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union Address. And because it's scientifically impossible for me to take anything seriously, I decided that this was my opportunity to "LiveTweet" the whole thing. I mean, technically I didn't like make a conscious decision to "LiveTweet." It just kind of happened. But that's really no different than many other things in my life.

Moving right along...

Now, I think it's prudent at this juncture to mention that none of what you'll read is meant to be a political statement. None of these "Tweets," as I'm told they're called, contain any particular political sentiment, nor do any of them convey my political predilections. I am simply making the jokes that pop into my head. For entertainment purposes. So do not get offended by anything I say. Not like you would anyhow.

Oh, and allow me to predict for you how Republicans will feel about Obama's plan -- They won't like it.

Amazing that I don't get paid for this kind of expert analysis.

Anyways, because this is probably the best thing my life has ever contributed to the world, I thought I'd share with you.

Some of you, of course, will have already seen this. So you can just go back to sleep for a couple of hours. SCORE!

Sucks for all of you who don't have Twitter and aren't following me. Missed opportunity. You'll see that becoming a common theme.

In any case, enjoy (you're probably going to have to click to enlarge...unless you're an Owl)...

My parents are going to be so disappointed when they read this. In fact, if you listen closely, you can already hear my Mom dialing the phone. But then, shouldn't they be used to this by now? I say yes.

In the immortal words of Conan O'Brien - Some say a waste of time. Others say an INCREDIBLE waste of time.

I thank you all for allowing me to waste precious moments of your Wednesday morning.

Joe Biden. Go Blue Hens!

...I'll see y'all in a few...hours...

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Noah said...

I realize that around the 25th generation of me will still be paying off this Big Snack sized debt collecting machine that sucks worse than the entire Lions organization. Has to get worse before it gets better you say? Well then, it can't get much worse than this can it? But what do I know? I'm just a music major.