February 10, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

#1 - Who cares?

#2 - Look at how well Pacman reinventing himself worked out?

#3 - Who cares?

#4 - What's the over/under on number of times Pacman gets arrested now? Remember, he's only 25.

#5 - Who will be this year's Cowboys charity case?

Yeah, I don't really care about this story either. But, you know, gotta use something.

By the way, if this surprises you, you need to get your head out of your ass.

This story may not matter, but these links are uber-relevant...

Looks like Tomlin's hero must be Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince [PSaMP]

Ravenstahl and Snoop - Regulators [Sportsocracy]

A heartwarming story about Troy and a little girl with Cancer. I repeat, Troy is awesome [Altoona Mirror]

Hold the phone, apparently the Steelers know nothing of this fractured rib nonsense Ben is freely discussing with the media [Associated Press]

I've found another bastion of sound logic in Tennessee besides Michael Griffin [Nashville City Paper]

And I never thought I'd say this, but the same goes for this guy in Cleveland [Orange and Brown Report]

Speaking of the Browns, it appears Leigh Bodden is once again available...guess the Browns won that one [Associated Press]

The Burgh may name a street after Chuck Noll. 'Bout time! [Associated Press]

Dude in Steelers gear robs Westmoreland gas station...didn't a dude in Steelers gear rob a bank in the Burgh during the parade last week? Same guy? Who knows... [MSNBC]

Plaxico Burress is a degenerate. What else is new? [Associated Press]

So A-Rod was juicing in 2001. Just look at the company he was in... [Walkoff Walk]

Which raises the question, was A-Rods drug use really that surprising? [Moondog Sports]

NYC is opening the Business of Sports School. Isn't Sports Marketing already a major at a lot of schools? [Sports Agent Blog]

Just in time for Valentine's Day - the "I Love VD" shirt. Get 'em while they're hot [Get Fresh Designs]

Speaking of Doug...how about this photoshop. Eek! [Dug E. Fresh Rants]

Tiny doesn't mess around on the Metro [Cheese People]

Sorry folks, working on something decent for this afternoon, but you know, I have responsibilities. Don't worry, you won't be let down...


Vern said...

That shirt is awesome. I might get one.

Just have a hard time spending $25 for a t-shirt.

domski43 said...

jerry jones is a mo-ron.

A-Rod? Who cares about baseball.

Lets go bucs!

Get Fresh Designs said...

I know Vern. Some of their base prices are kind of high in my mind.

Cotter said...

I'm gunning for the "I Love VD" stein!

Conversation starter like WHOA!