February 6, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Wow, what can I say about this headline that this hasn't already been said about this mugshot...

And what can I say about this mugshot that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan? He looks bombed out and depleted. Someone get this man some Rohto-V for Christ's sake.

So what's up with Terry Glenn?

Here's the salient part...

"After determining Glenn was "intoxicated or disoriented," officers arrested him on a public intoxication charge, [Officer David] Tull said. A subsequent search turned up a small amount of marijuana, leading to a misdemeanor charge of possessing less than 2 ounces of the drug."
Hello, Taco Bell? Terry Glenn needs a Triple Steak Burrtio and a Mexican Pizza. Oh, and three soft tacos, an order of nachos, some churros if you've got 'em, and the biggest Cherry Coke you've got.

Atta boy, Terry Glenn. You show 'em that just because you're old doesn't mean you can't party.

Eek. That's pretty grim.

Terry Glenn may be looking rough around the edges, but these links are squeaky clean...

PSaMP gets a shout out on ESPN's Jim Rome Is Burning!! [PSaMP]

Epic gallery of Super Bowl images. The definitive collection, if you will (h/t Gigler) [Whatever Site This Is]

Vern abuses that Browns fan dude from yesterday like nobody's business. This was both hilarious and inevitable. He even found the dude's picture [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad!]

Sean gets denied his best rate because he's had three cigars in five years. I wonder if Snoop Dogg has the same problem [Sean's Ramblings]

Master Fly W. Large is not familiar with this Bruce Springsteen fellow [HHR]

Eat 'n Park sets record Smiley sales!!! [Pittsburgh Business Times]

The Steelers signed someone from the CFL. RB/Return Specialist Stefan Logan? No idea [Vancouver Sun]

Next up this offseason - Free Agency...yay...ish [Post-Gazette]

March 28, Somerset High School - PA State Police vs. Steelers...this should be good [Daily American]

I wonder if the NFL will do the same for shirts with "One For The Other Thumb"...yeah, still all quiet on the Western front [HHR]

Former Eagle on current Eagle crime [Sports Radio Interviews]

The Patriots have franchised Matt Cassel....Yeah, Tom Brady's gonna be fine [ESPN]

Speaking of ESPN...this chart is worth it just for the ESPN reference [Carbolic Smoke Ball]

Chiefs pluck Todd Haley from Cardinals wings. See what I did there. Pro [Fox Sports]

Barry Bonds doesn't drink. He does steroids. Apparently, LOTS of steroids [Yahoo! Sports]

You can't bring your own beer to Preakness anymore? What reason do I have to go, then? I don't even like Nascar [Baltimore Sun]

Theme of today's riffs = "Freedom" [Friday Morning Riffs]

Hey, did Michael Phelps get caught smoking weed this week? I feel like I heard that somewhere...weird. Who. Gives. A. Crap?

Oh, and Silverback doesn't mess around...



domski43 said...

wonder if santonio and terry glenn hang out?

tecmo said...

Hmmm...wrs...both like weed...both like being naked...jeez, they're practically brothers!

Marc said...

Both went to OSU

Cotter said...

marc, I emailed this to you, but for the greater good, and speaking of Penn State rivalries - Two Michigan recruits decommit and opt for Penn State instead.

Go Rich Rodriguez!