February 6, 2009

Aloha, Weekend...

It's Friday, 5:37 PM. Time to make like Troy and James squared and get lei'd!

See y'all in the morning for the Week In Review. This week's may never live up to the precedent set by last week's, but I give you my no money back guarantee that it will still be readable.

Until then, suggested activities for you single folks include - beer bongs, getting your swerve on, chatting up the chickadees, ice luge and organizing your collection of late 80s/early 90s baseball cards that aren't worth shit until everyone else's Mom throws theirs in the trash.

Suggested activities for you married, engaged or otherwise attached folks include - letting your wife/fiancee/girlfriend pluck your unsightly eyebrows, staying in and watching something gay like PS I Love You, sleeping, Bed Bath and Beyond, and of course, drinking responsibly*.

Ah yes, and don't forget to follow my dumb ass on Twitter, become a fan of OFTOT on Facebook and last but not least, always wrap it up. Only Baltimorons actively want the clap.

Thanks for a great week, kids!

* - This of course does not apply to Domski, who we all know will NOT be drinking at all

1 comment:

tiny350Z said...

Dood, really? I'm married and will not be plucking my husband's unsightly eyebrows (his eyebrows are just fine)... and wtf is PS I Love You??

We're watching that Teen Idol show that's on VH1... That's more manly, yeah?