January 31, 2009

OFTOT Week In Review - Super Bowl Week ...

First things first - it literally took me 43 minutes to wash my dishes this morning. Which raises two issues...

1. Clearly I need to either do dishes more often or just start throwing them out when they're dirty in favor of buying new ones.

2. Is this an omen?

Furthermore, Domski was at the Farmer's Market this afternoon and spotted some Amish in Steelers jerseys. Which is cool, but even more importantly, he pulled the number 86 two separate times. Now that's awesome.

Nerves have been higher than Robert Downey Jr. on a Saturday night, all week. And no day was this more apparent than yesterday. I was in one of the saltiest moods of all time, but so were a lot of other fans I talked to. It's like the closer we get to the game, the more on edge we are. Weird. Who knew?

But at least it's Saturday and the game is now only one day away. Today shouldn't be altogether awful. Tomorrow will be the real challenge. Waking up, knowing that at 6:30 the game will kick off and the Steelers will once again be playing for the World Championship of football, will make the day go by about as quickly as Byron Leftwich runs.

Tec and I taped the show last night. We talked a little bit about the game, but mostly we just watched and reminisced about Super Bowl XL. What a game! What a win! If you're looking for something to do today or tomorrow, I strongly suggest you go back and watch XL again, if you've got the DVD (which frankly is a must have, if you're a Steelers fan).

3rd and 28 = Ridic.

Still, maybe you don't wanna do that, but you do wanna do something to pass the time, lest ye go batshit crazy with anticipation. Well, rather than turn to the bottle or something (which, of course is also totally acceptable and even encouraged), here are 43 things you can do to keep yourself preoccupied leading up to tomorrow evening. In no particular order, they are...

1. Do this and share your answers

2. Read up on how to get yourself out of quicksand

3. Watch and copiously re-watch Sid's goal from the other night against the Rangers...

4. Feed your ears with the sweet sounds of Indiana, PA expats, Myzewell

5. Familiarize yourself with the song catalog of Neil Diamond

6. Watch some porn (and if that doesn't relax you, I can't help you)

7. Read Sean's interview with the fake Brian St. Pierre

8. Work on your Wii Tennis aptitude...

9. Read all the ridiculous troll comments on this video

10. Send Bill Plaschke hate mail for writing this article two days before the game

11. Caption this photo...

12. Respond to all the emails you didn't get to this week (PS - To everyone I haven't gotten back to yet, I am so sorry! It's been a real rough week.)

13. Watch any of the following pre-approved, Cotter endorsed cinematic classics: The Big Lebowski, Outside Providence, Kingpin, Out Cold, Wayne's World, Wayne's World 2, Beavis and Butthead Do America,

14. Update your Match.com profile

15. Make your video application for The Real World Season 23

16. Start following OFTOT on Twitter

17. Learn to cook, you degenerate

18. Listen to the sweet, soothing sound of Myron's voice...I miss him [sad face with tear]

19. Offer to bang someone's wife in exchange for Super Bowl tickets...on Craigslist, of course

20. Figure out how to properly spell Big Ben's last name (even though you should have done this five years ago)

21. Throw Lindsay Lohan's dad a bone and get her to break up with bull dyke Samantha Ronson

22. Check out the first Steelers rap I've ever heard...

23. Try and guess how many cosmetic surgeries Brenda Warner's had...

24. Buy yourself a URL or two. Or buy some of Doug's adventures in apparel

25. Go to Feinberg's and load up on some last minute Steelers schwag...

26. Learn to spell Pittsburgh...

27. Start a blog and write about 43 things to do instead of obsessing about the game

28. Steal this guy and send him to Hoboken, NJ, c/o Cotter...

29. Take a long ass snooze...

30. Reminisce about playing video games in your friends Mom's 1980's style conversion van...

31. Go on a hugging spree...

32. Read up on Jeff Reed's superstitions. Conspicuously absent - Not drinking the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Shocker.

33. Research the cure for cancer

34. Watch old episodes of the [Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show...yes, shameless plug, I know. Deal with it.

35. Help Tiny strategize for her Adventures in Crossword Puzzles on the train

36. Read Holly's fake Corrections post

37. Look at how cute Kirschke's little guy is...

38. Annoy your friends by sending them 50,000 Facebook app requests

39. Enroll in Yoga classes. Ben can provide a recommendation...

40. Figure out a Rubik's Cube

41. Check out Jim Shearer and friends' Super Bowl song...

42. Channel and indulge your inner Spielberg...

43. Get fired up reliving your memories of Super Bowl XL in pictures...

The line for Sports Rock at around 11:30.

This could've easily happened at like 3:30 in the afternoon.

Toasting Heinz Field right before kickoff!

What a time!

Unreal Expectation of the day = The Allegheny County Airport Authority telling Steelers fans not to go to the airport to welcome the team back, win or lose tomorrow. Yeah, right. Good luck with that. I'd mobilize some extra hands if I were you. You know, just in case...

Heartwarming story of the day that will make you cry = Four kids from the Children's Hospital in Oakland are going to the Super Bowl...

"It's not just going to the Super Bowl. It's that these kids can go at all."

"Just to know that he can go and enjoy and he has the capacity to walk and talk, and think and speak, and all that good stuff...It's just indescribable - hope happens!"
Hope happens, indeed! Cue the waterworks.

Pictures of the day...

That guy with the smoke hanging out of his mouth looks real classy. Glad to see we're not tarnishing the image of our fanbase down there...

You know why I'm posting this? Because finally Lamarr Woodley is wearing something other than a Tapout shirt. Way to go, Wood. I'm proud of you.

Also, Is that guy in the background drinking an MGD in public? Open container violation city. This is not 'nam, dude. There are rules...

Anyways, as this is the Week In Review post, I suppose I should actually review the week on OFTOT.


But I don't have to like it.

This week we...

1. Made Kurt Warner into a Cardinal...like, the clergy kind...you know what I mean

2. Continued to make light of ridiculous headlines and articles from across the world wide web

3. Learned that avid NFL fans are apparently also avid skin care fans

4. Saw the Steelers arrive in Tampa, armed with free camcorders

5. Rich Eisen tried to bogart this blog's namesake...I'm still waiting for my credit

6. Reviewed the distraction provided by 43 Tampa scrip clubs

7. Watched the Cardinals get all handsy with the female members of the media in Tampa

8. Chronicled Day One of Jeff Reed's Super Bowl bender

9. Seriously, the Steelers were all about those free camcorders

10. ESPN was Mickey Mousing around on this one

11. Felt bad for South Park's own Reggie Wells, even though he's a Cardinals captain

12. Shared our respective views on where we'll be watching the game

13. Chronicled Day Two of Jeff Reed's Super Bowl bender

14. Recapped the fake Feel Good Stories of Super Bowl XLIII

15. Spotted Matt Hasslecock in Tampa

16. Provided pictures of the rally for those who couldn't make it to the Burgh

17. Meeting People Is Easy #1...and...Meeting People Is Easy #2

18. Chronicled Day Three of Jeff Reed's Super Bowl bender

And lastly, for the administrative announcements - the [Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show, Super Bowl edition should be up early afternoon tomorrow. So keep an eye out for that. As will the typical gameday poem post. Unfortch, though, being that this game is pretty damn important, I will not be able to bring myself to liveblog. I have to make sure I have my hands free to wave my towel, eat tons and tons of food that will probably contribute to my early demise and slap hands with Domski and company, hopefully in celebration of a victory.

That all said...


PS - This post took entirely too long to write. And yet, I kind of love it. Hopefully you do too.


tecmo said...

type much? jeez man, take a nap or something

big TC said...

jesus, this is one long ass awesome post.

"You just got knock the fuck out"

tiny350Z said...

Holy crap, Cotter, that was long... but informative.

Btw, I think Lindsay and Sam already broke up - check your latest trash magazine.

Oh and hate to break it to you, but we're too old to audition for the Real World... sorry, guy.

Is it Sunday yet??

SportTheNation said...

Cotter - Great post. Excellent read.

Let's get this game on!!!


Andy said...

I finished. Where is the essay test?

Anonymous said...

My eyes are blurry from reading all that, but I loved it.

Is anyone else all jittery yet? And watching all the old Steelers Super Bowl stuff on NFL Network is just making me more nervous.

Get Fresh Designs said...


thanks for the link.

brenda warner, no surgery. Just grew her hair. Upgrade. not every female looks good with short hair.

Noah said...

"Pittsburgh Steelers, where they wear the black and gold. Pittsburgh STEELERS, goin to the SuperBowl."

Everyone loves a nice long week in review post.