January 30, 2009

Meeting People Is Easy, Part Deux...

All I've wanted to do since I woke up this morning was take a nap. It's a simple request. Just want 15-20 minutes alone with my bed. But noooooooooooo. Responsibilities suck. I'm renouncing my adulthood.

Anyways, here's MPIE #2 - Super Bowl Edition, below. I realized when I went to put this one together that I had meant to only include 10 participants in this morning's grid and then 9 or 10 more in this one, but that, in my sleep deprived state last night I threw like 13 in for this morning. Oh well, shit happens.

Click to enlarge...

Done and done.

Now onto the pretty pictures...

I like the way this looks...

Ben. Listen to me closely. PUT THE CAMERA DOWN! Who are you, Ashton Kutcher?

This shit would not stand, so I called in Mama Roethlisberger as my reinforcement. Notice, no camera now. Great success!

No real reason to put this here. I just love Dick Lebeau.

And finally, Nate alerted me to the latest addition to the Primanti's menu...



See y'all tomorrow for the Week In Review.

/head just hit pillow REAL hard

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