January 15, 2009

Birthday Dumbassedness...

So Scott Pioli went to the Chiefs. Do I give a shit? Hell no! The Chiefs still suck. And if you think thats going to change anytime soon, you're out of your mind. That, or a Chiefs homer. Either way, shit is weak.

Anyhow, it's my birthday.

Things I want:

1. Happiness
2. A Steelers Super Bowl
3. Whiskey
4. World Peace...or a lifetime supply of granola
5. Whiskey
6. More notoriety for the work I do
7. Whiskey
8. A million dollars
9. Whiskey
10. To have fun

Hopefully at least #10 is attainable. Outside of that, whatever.

So yeah, I'm deciding not to post this morning. You'll have to excuse me. Every year closer to 30 makes me crankier and crankier. Whatever. I'll be around at some point soon.

The Ravens. Who [effing] needs them anyhow?

And yes, that's me in the picture there. That's Cathy (Mom), whose lap I'm sitting on. And that beer is courtesy of Uncle Jimmy (behind me and Mom with the sunglasses in his hand) - always the positive influence on my life. What a melon on that kid, huh? Good thing I grew into that shit. Cheers to that!


big TC said...

happy birthday again, man

Get Fresh Designs said...

happy birthday. enjoy your 20's, once you hit 30 life is over, your knees will blow out, and your hip will hurt like crazy. you'll start forgetting where you put your keys, when they're right in your hand.

tiny350Z said...

Happy happy birthday! And if it makes you feel better, I will always be older than you (if only by like, 4 months, but that's ok - it's kinda like a sneak preview).

Marc said...

Have a great birthday, drink some beers for me. How old are you dude?

domski43 said...

happy birthday fruitcup. i owe you a lot of birthday spanks.

what would brady quinn do?

tecmo said...

Happy birthday again, man! Powers will get your night started

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Cotter! Hope it's a good one.

Just curious, how old did you turn?


Noah said...

Guys, you're not supposed to ask people how old they are. It's against some code that I don't understand....

Seriously though, happy birthday Cotter. All I ask is that you don't die.

Cotter said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

All you need to know is that I'm old enough to write this here Steelers blog.

And Noah, that's all I ask as well!


tecmo said...

Cotter is 42

/inside info

Anonymous said...

Larry David Troll wishes you a happy birthday.

matt said...

Wow, when Larry David wishes you a happy birthday you should feel appreciated!

Happy Birthday good sir!

joy said...

Happy birthday, Cotter.

*smooshes Whiskey*