January 15, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Right, well what did you expect? I mean, to me, Terrell Suggs Thugs and that whole lot don't seem like the type to "run" or "duck," unless of course you mean running or ducking to avoid Ray Lewis and his Ginsu knives.

I pretty much assume they're going to stand toe to toe with us and give us a good fight.

But hey, I didn't even read the article. So frankly, anything I say on the Subject, much like everything else here on OFTOT, is totally disregardable.

Did I just make up a word?

Good shit.

The Ravens aren't running and ducking and neither are these links. In fact, these links are up in your grill like a motha[effing] nine. Nowutizsayin, son?

The Wood all douchebagged up on NFL Live. Embarrassing [PSaMP]

Missed this yesterday, but Vern took a massive dump all over the Ravens roster. Be sure to check this out [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad!]

It's official - Cowher is out of his mind...and has said that the Bengals can be playoff contenders as soon as next season...not so sure I agree [Associated Press]

The full list of injured Ravens = Suggs Thugs, McClain, Rolle, Mason, Barnes, Bannan, Clayton, and Jarret Johnson. Surprisingly absent? Todd Heap. But I'm sure that'll change three plays after kickoff [Associated Press]

More Steelers and Ravens fans trading barbs...frankly, I'm not saying shit until the game's over, but y'all go right ahead...I guess [KDKA]

So Ravenstahl is now Steelerstahl? I'm guessing that's only because "Ocho Cinco" was already taken...yeah [Post-Gazette]

Apparently the NFL Shop has already proclaimed the Eagles NFC Champs. That's rather interesting [HHR]

I believe there are just no words for this [Shutdown Corner]

Why can't Malkin and Ovechkin get along? Pretty sure the correct answer is Ovie is a level 5 douchebag [Deadspin]

One of the best Upside Down Dogs ever! [Upside Down Dogs]

Pictures of the day...

Looks like Sansmokio is the newest member of the Oakland Zoo. The question I have is - how high do you think he is in that picture? Had to be pretty stoned. After all, he IS sporting a Yankees hat.

Oh, and if anyone wants to get me something for my bday, I'll take an Oakland Zoo shirt. Sadly, I currently do not own one.

No words necessary.

Oh man, no more drinking for me. But at least my Pops'll be happy...

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