January 29, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Wait, wait, wait. Let me see if I understand this correctly, advertisements during the Super Bowl will feature either sex, alcohol or violence? Get the hell out of here! Since when is there sex, violence or drugs on TV? This must be some type of sick joke.

Sarcasm is palpable...

Honestly, I'd challenge you to find me five minutes of television that doesn't involve either sex, alcohol or violence? For Christ's sake, have you ever watched the nightly news? Come on. In fact, didn't they make a whole program out of it called Beverly Hills 90210 (among others)?

You commissioned a study in order to report this garbage?

With wasted man power like this, this country is never going to dig out of its economic downturn.

Like TV, these links are full of sex, alcohol and violence...well, maybe not but they're way more worth reading than TV is worth watching...

Everyone remember - Sunday at 3PM, everyone gets laid Tec is liveblogging Puppy Bowl V [PSaMP]

I haven't even read this yet, but if Vern is roasting Kurt Warners wife, I doubt I even need to before linking to it [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad!]

Check out my Super Bowl preview in 100 words [MVN Outsider]

Seriously, I'm with Ape. Enough with the Super Bowl parody songs! Can we please just knock it off? Like NOW. [DC Steeler Nation]

Jeff Reeds hair is inspiring millions...errrr...not [The Chief's Forum]

Q&A with Jeff Reed. Top 3 songs on his iPod - "In The Air Tonight," "Lose Yourself," and "Beautiful Day"...I'll give you the first one, other two...not so much [Trib]

Speaking of Super Bowl songs (h/t Twittsburgh) [Who Knows?]

An Alternative Super Bowl logo for Steelers fans (h/t my boy, Mark Stevens down in Philthadelphia) [NY Times]

Pittsburgh and football, a mystical connection? Not sure what's mystical about it, but sure, that's fine [Associated Press]

The Steelers aren't just a good football team but also part of the country's economic stimulus [Post-Gazette]

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but Rizzo Sports asks if this is a new Pittsburgh Steelers dynasty. I sure hope so! But I wanna win on Sunday first! [Rizzo Sports]

James Harrison is mad at the world? Really? I don't pick that up at all. I just think he loves football and knows how to play the game, but Baltimore would say that... [Baltimore Sun]

Larry Fitz says he'd redo his contract to give back money to keep Boldin. Smart receiver know that he get more opportunities with solid threat on other side. Larry Fitz is wise [Associated Press]

This is a little more techno than I can handle, but if you wanna see two chicks in body paint, yeah...probably NSFW [In Game Now]

Well, unfortunately I didn't make this list (which is too bad), but check out the 80 blogs to subscribe to and 20 blogs to follow on Twitter. By the way, follow me, here [Hail Mary Jane]

Who knew that Moonshining was still a crime? [WSJ Law Blog]

PS - I just want to go on record as vehemently protesting the use of the nickname "Skippy" for Jeff Reed. That is the pussiest nickname ever and I think we can do better.

Oh yes, and here's another Steelers song and video in case you haven't already had your fill...

At least this one is pretty good, original, features Cope and mentions Hank Poteat. Way to go, dudes. In a sea of suck, you've created something truly original and not just a knock off of another song. Rock 'n roll.

Check out here for more info.


Get Fresh Designs said...

wait, are they talking about the actual football game with the violence, sex, and alcohol?

the game itself can be violent, if the team has cheerleaders there's your sex (even if they don't, you always see some female fans), and the crowd is wasted.

Nate said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa - you raggin' on "Beautiful Day?" Thems fightin' words, son...

Cotter said...

Sorry dude, anything after Achtung Baby (spelling?) is suspect for me.