January 29, 2009

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, What???

According to this photo's caption, Matt Hassledick is in Seffner, Florida, a suburb of Tampa, making an "EAS appearnce" at some High School today.

Whatever the hell that means.

But this raises an interesting question in my mind - coincidence?

Holmgren on the broadcast team, now Hasslecock in the vicinity?

If I were Big Ben I'd inspect all of my meals carefully before ingesting.

Sounds like sketch city.

Also, here are some badass pics from the Burgh for those of us who are regretfully and unfortunately far and away...

So I guess Ravenstahl is still Mickey Mousing around with that nonsense? Well, I suppose I should be happy about that. Wouldn't want him to go messing with our luck by changing his surname back at this point.

In other news, Joey Porter's Pit Bulls is back in action just in time for the big game! I urge you to check out his reasons for optimism. We've missed you, JPPB!

How many hours 'til kickoff?


tiny350Z said...

I want a shot of the PAT buses with the front thing saying "GO STEELERS"... That'll bring me back.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

No worries about Hasselbeck and Holmgren: That's as close to the Super Bowl as they're going to get anytime soon!

Thanks for the nice Welcome Back, Cotter. Hmmm, that sounds familiar for some reason ...