January 8, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Oh, Mangina. You're gonna have some big shoes to fill out there in Cle-heave-land (copyright JPPB). No really, some BIG shoes...some big britches too...

Hope you are planning on bringing your appetite with you. Though, judging by your current girth, I figure you've got a good shot at following in ol Romeo's footsteps.

One might ask - Eric, do you really think this is a good career move? Me, personally, I wouldn't have even interviewed, but you know, more power to you. I applaud your idiocy optimism. And hey, at least you picked one of the teams that won't mind if you string together two or three disappointing seasons. They're used to it. Plus, you won't have to deal with Brett Favre. Actually, on the contrary, I'll bet Brady Quinn is a dream to work with. He can hold his clipboard AND yours like nobody else can. Maybe he can even get you some free Myoplex. Which reminds me, suck up all the team schwag you can. Wait, they're not paying you in schwag, are they? Oh right, and one more thing - invest in a closet full of shower sandals. I hear a Staph infection is pretty fierce!

As for the Browns, I guess they must think that the Patriots are a farm team or something. What's that obsession all about? I mean, I know the Pats are supposedly this century's first "dynasty," but like, how well did Romeo work out? Stallworth? Did Pioli even interview?

Whatever. This has failure written all over it.

Anyways, Mangina may be entering a world of pain, but these links will hurt so good (Did I seriously just reference John Cougar Mellencamp? Jesus, that's bleak)...

More toasting of the Steelers from China [PSaMP]

Even the LA Times, a major paper in a city with no NFL franchise, knows that the Steelers Offense is a farce...this is getting embarrassing [LA Times]

LT "doubtful" with torn labia tendon in his nether regions...so why do I feel like he'll still play? [Associated Press]

King of journalism = Ed Bouchette [Post-Gazette]

Browns hire Mangina, Braylon Edwards decides to train in Europe. That's rather interesting... [Orange and Brown Report]

Old School jersey war! I gotta say, though. HB - A Browns Testaverde? Dude. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante and Tirico Suave]

Pac Man Jones, like Anthony Smith, is obviously still mentally challenged [Shutdown Corner]

Best. Photoshop. Ever? [Carbolic Smoke Ball]

And finally, it's "Hip-Hop Songs That Sample Old Shit" day at the Riffs. So, um, be sure to check that out...or something... [Friday Morning Riffs]

Cue ridiculous picture of Mangina...doing something?


Anonymous said...

I gotta love Cleveland's determination to fail with Belidick and disciples. Seriously, why do they love his coaching staff? You would think that they would go in a different direction. As long as they lose twice a year to the Steelers, they can do whatever they like.

shawnk said...

i think it is hilarious that Romeo might be staying with the Browns on Mangina's staff...they'll have more weight on the sidelines than they do on the O-line.

Noah said...

Futility is in the eye of the beholder....wait, what?

domski43 said...

Lets not forget, the Browns fired Belichick. They are probably trying to make up for their mistake.

Also, the Browns hired a head coach before a General Manager. The jury is still out on Mangini as a coach, but doesnt it make sense to hire a general manager before you hire a head coach? Otherwise the general manager inherits a head coach and the power of general manager is already taken out of his hands.

i guess i shouldnt expect logical thinking out of the Browns.