December 22, 2008

Weekend Scrapbook...

Well, things started off well enough. Domski arrived promptly around 3:15 PM, Saturday. We even got him a parking spot right out front of my place. Tec then arrived, but a few minutes later, and it was ON.

We hit up CVS, looking for holiday decorations. 'Cause, you know, it was a party. We came out with one string of 150 lights, two stockings, a "Snowy White Woods" scented candle, four AA batteries, two rolls of paper towel, and a four pack of toilet paper. And let me just say - if you think 150 lights is a lot, you're wrong. We should've gotten 600 lights. But, you live and you learn, right.

Then we went looking for some Malibu Bay Breezes...just kidding. We went across the street to the liquor store and beer'd up. Behold...

But then, things started to turn. It was about 6:00 by that time, and I had eaten about an hour before, but Domski said now he was hungry. So Domski and Tec started perusing menus on, and I convinced myself to get something, because otherwise I probably wouldn't eat dinner. After we had what we wanted, Domski hit "place order." Only, he didn't hit "place order." And we only realized that he didn't hit "place order" at like 7:30.

So we corrected that problem and assumed, you know, that we'd wait the typical 45 minutes then destroy the tasty dishes we'd recently ordered up. But, no. Shit did not get here until 9:15!

Strike one.

Then, people started giving me excuses. "It's too cold out," "I'm not feeling well," "I'm blow drying my hair tonight." That kind of pussy shit. But you know what? I wasn't going to let that rain on our parade. So the games this point, it was more like continued. Some of us drank, some of us did not. Domski, did not.

Strike two.

So you know, we're hanging out, watching the Ravens-Cowboys game. Drinking some beverages. Laughing. Joking. People in, people out. At around 11:45 we decide to play some Rock Band. So we do that for half an hour. Then, it's now or never for the bar. And we depart...

People in NJ are a bunch of retards. We tried first to just hit the bar up the block from my place. Wasn't far, they had beer, they had Big Buck Hunter, and presumably they had young, impressionable chickadees, whose company we might be lucky enough to enjoy. But apparently the bouncer there had never seen a PA license, because when Tec showed the guy his, the guy thought he had a Dup. But, as all of you with PA licenses know, regardless of whether or not you actually have a Dup, there's a little "DUPS" on each license that usually says 00, as Tecmo's did. Still, this idiot couldn't get it through his skull. And he was even so rude as to say, "no, they're not old enough," when some chick came by to try and sell us on some cigarette promotion she was doing.

Strike three.

From there, we walk to the usual stomping grounds. Approximately seven blocks or so. At this point I believe it was raining, snowing, something like that. Which, of course, just made it more fun. We checked out the scene at a couple of places and nothing seemed to be going our way. We were kind of tired of walking around in the freezing cold, so I suggested a bar right up the block that I knew wouldn't be too crowded, but just crowded enough for us to do a little socializing. And away we went.

Finally, success! After 20 minutes of buzz killing. I order a round for all and open a tab. I tell the bartender to keep it open. I'm a project manager, I can handle that shit. That's my credit. Anyways, we really kind of just enjoyed the various dramas going on around us. Some weird ass dude and chick were having a little domestic tiff to our left. They were escorted out. But not before I got this interview with Domski about it...

I take a bunch of pictures, thoroughly enraging my cohorts...

Then, we watch people dance. Poorly. Mostly me. But that's another story. We drink a few more, enjoy the scene a little bit and decide, "you know what? It's time to get some bagels and head home." So we book it up to the bagel place, secure some doughy goodness, book it back home, house the shit out of them, and respectively pass out in various corners of my apartment.

Then, of course, we woke up on Sunday, set up the live broadcast, locked that shit down, and hit the bar again.

We get the whole back room for the game. We set up Browns-Bengals on the other TV. I mean, why not? Who else did we care to watch? New England-Arizona? FAIL!

Tec and I order beers. Domski gets a coffee. And a sex change.

We watch the game play out. I throw my towel a couple of times. Domski yells at me for getting too fired up. We high five after the touchdowns and Silverback's sack, and we curse every one of those four fumbles and the two picks.

By the way - thanks again, Ben.

We lament the loss, we eat some solid munchies and we roll.

And that's pretty much where it ends.

It was an awesome time. It probably doesn't sound like much the way I just served it up for you, but it really was. Thanks to Domski and Tec for kicking it with me! And let the record show that, as usual, Domski was not drinking.

Let's hope we can recreate some of the magic for my birthday in a few weeks!


So what'd you guys do this weekend?


big TC said...

That looked like fun.
All I did this weekend was ate and slept, and then went up to pittsburgh for some christmas shopping during the game. Most the time though I was in SEAR's electronic section watching the game with about 20 other poor guys who were also dragged to the mall during the game by their wives/girlfriends. It was pretty funny when one old guy started to yell and curse. The mall guard had to ask him to vacate the store.

tecmo said...

Screw Sears

marc said...

Party friday night, the lady invites me, so it's me and her and a couple of her friends, we get there, people are drinking wine, one guy was wearing skinny jeans, another had a huge set of man tits, I am not pleased. I negotiate an exit strategy and we go to the bar, I have quite a few drinks before deciding it sucks. We leave, we are waiting to get in the next place where in the window there is a girl pressed against the window, and a guy eating her face. I think this is funny and bang on the window to give a high five to the guy eating her face, everyone laughs, I am impressed with myself.
I am always happy with free stuff, especially shirts, a girl goes by with two shirts, I ask where they got them, they said that they were out, I then sweet talked her to giving me her boyfriend's shirt. I am impressed with myself again and call it a night. On the way back I eat three slices of pizza, good night all around.
Saturday house party, I get drunk and then come home and pass out. I am out of drinking shape.
Sunday I lifted and wore said shirt, I laughed the whole time.

Get Fresh Designs said...

nothing. did a little shopping. listened to a whining 2 year old who probably has a molar coming in, so just whine and cry, then be happy, then whine and cry.

sorry, i just couldn't top marc's story.

Cotter said...

Yeah man, Marc really set the bar high with that one. I don't even think MY story topped that! Sounds like a pretty good weekend for you, my good man. AND you're in line to take this week (and tie up the overall score) in the pick 'em pool. EVERYTHING'S COMING UP MARC!

tc ~ It's probably better you didn't watch that game...some bullshit anyhow. God damn four turnovers and what not...Also, eating/sleeping sounds like a hell of a start anyway! For three and a half months or so that's been my idea of a dream weekend!

big TC said...

sears does suck, but it was the only store in the entire mall that had TV section. meh. at least they let me finish my nachos and milkshake i got from the food court.

tiny350Z said...

I have a problem with your refrigerator. The only reason we buy classico sauce is b/c we live in the "south" and they do not believe in good italian food. You? You have Leo's... they package their sauces (gravy, if you wanna be technical) in jars. You get that, sir!

My weekend? Bake, shop, drink, football, (college) basketball, sulk - oh! and Boomerang. Classic cartoons rock.