December 26, 2008

Style Points Are For Metrosexuals?

I'm just gonna give this to you upfront - with these Browns on the horizon for Sunday, I really don't have much to say. Chances are, despite what Tomlin's saying about seriously wanting to win Sunday's game, Big Ben and the rest of the starters won't play much more than a half. Three quarters maybe. But a full game? My magic 8 ball says...

But I do have something to say this morning...

Re-watching Super Bowl XL yetserday with my family, it occurred to me - sometimes, it just takes one play.

Ike Taylor - 1 pick

Willie Parker - 1 75 yard run

Casey Hampton - 1 sack

Randle El - 1 gadget play TD to Hines Ward

Big Ben - 1 TD (rushing)

Without any of those plays, the Steelers probably wouldn't have won that game.

Hell, I mean, even for the Seahawks, Jerramy Stevens was dropping the ball like Dick Clark on New Years, but he caught the one that counted.

The point is, we've gotten down on the Offense a LOT this year. But listen, even putting Sunday aside, January is a whole new ball game. All this Offense needs is enough plays to win. It's like Tomlin was saying after Baltimore, style points don't always count for points on the board. What matters, especially at this time of year, is winning.

And listen, I've been as big of a critic as there can be of the Offense, but it could just be a matter of a few guys making one play (each) that breaks the game open. One play that measures up to the difference between winning and losing.

That said, one play by the Offensive line isn't quite going to cut it. They'd better have many [positive] plays in them. Or we're proverbially and royally, eff'd.

Either way, apparently we're still "committed to the run."

...Hmmm, that's funny...because I thought we gave up on that when we cut Dan Kreider?

Hey, Arians - actions speak louder than words. It might be prudent to employ a running game that doesn't consist of 10 draws a game...on 3rd and long. Get the net.

Also, sweet hat, Indiana Jones. What, did you lose a bet? Actually, I think Domski has one just like it. Maybe you and he can be pals.

Today's final word = Sunday, it's Gradkowski time.


So, how was Christmas? I got a Steelers fleece, a Steelers Five Greatest Games DVD and my Mom made me an OFTOT wall clock. I'm not even joking. Unfortunately, she couldn't make me a girlfriend, though. So that situation is still in flux.

What did y'all get?


big TC said...

i got a silverback jersey, and tickets for sundays game, pretty good christmas.

Get Fresh Designs said...

Steelers shirt and Steelers hoodie.

girls just nag you, and make you go to their parents on christmas, making your day of nothing to driving around to eat two giant meals.

Cotter said...

tc ~ Hell yeah, I'd say that's pretty good! Do me a favor and verbal ruin the Browns on Sunday whilst sporting the Silverback jersey! I wish I was going to the game too...

PS - Domski might be there. So if you see him, say hi.

doug ~ True that. But at this point, I think I'd endure all that if it meant getting laid afterward. I gotta get my shit together. This is getting ridic.

Sounds like two great gifts, though!

random asshole said...

Heh, I'd say that I got tickets to the game for Christmas also, except I got them myself and it had nothing to do with Christmas. Close enough, though, I guess.

big TC said...

i also got from my cousin a the dude t-shirt, it's fucking sweet.

tiny350Z said...

Clothes, a kick ass purse, and a Jack Lambert jersey!

Oh yeah, and plans to get the hell outta this area. Yay.