December 26, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Well, I guess I wouldn't expect the fan of a franchise that once called Cleveland home to understand or even accept Steelers fans love for the towel.

I mean, I get the idea. It's [physically] just a towel.

But it's about disrespect. I personally am not going to go on some moral crusade about it, but any way you slice it, it's unnecessary and oh, just a little douchebaggish (read: A LOT douchebaggish).

Of course, like I said, that's likely why a Ravens fan wouldn't understand what the big deal is. Respect? Not being a douchebag? These are two things no Ravens fan knows anything about. I believe they were discarded immediately after the Browns moved to Balto. And clearly they've yet to return, nor is there any realistic prospect of them doing so anytime in the near or distant future.

As for this guy and his article, well, it's the "Baltimore Examiner." Yeah, I've never heard of it either. Then again, they've probably never heard of OFTOT. So I guess we're even.

Either way, dude's got some stones to be callin' out Cowher like that...

This dude and his article may be irrelevant, but these links are totally informative and stimulating...

What does it mean to be a Steelers fan? [DC Steeler Nation]

Your 2008 Steelers MVP = James Harrison...Was there even a question? [Post-Gazette]

Can't we just fast forward through all of this Cowher to Cleveland nonsense? [Associated Press]

People still questioning Santonio's TD vs. the Ravens [NY Times]

Lori hands out gifts to the Pens [HFSS]

You know, I don't even know what High School Musical is, but seeing as how this chick has been brought to my attention, I may have to check it out...wait, she's legal, right? [This Is Getting Old]


Get Fresh Designs said...

haha, read the NY Times article. I love how they'll complain about that, but yet where is the no-call holding on the steelers from last years jaguars playoff game?? If they're going to question a few, they need to question them all. The game is done, it's over. Deal.

tiny350Z said...

Legal now. In that picture? Probably not.