December 28, 2008

Lock It Down, Wood...

Apologies in advance, Gradkowski
But you're on the tracks and a train's comin' through
So, with all due respect
Today, it sucks to be you

It may not be Silverback
Nor will it be Ryan Clark
But it doesn't really matter
Whoever it is will leave their mark

This game doesn't mean much
The starters will rest a bit
In fact, I hear on the sidelines
Arian's is gonna teach Ben how to knit

It really is sorry
The state the Browns are in
But that all said
I wouldn't really mind a win

Not much more really to say
I hope to enjoy the game
Well, I guess I really mean
That I hope it isn't too lame
Hit play, sit back, take in these images and GET FIRED UP!

Forget about it Cleveland, it ain't happenin'.

Sweet shirt. Fruitcakes.

This is what happens when you're a Browns fan, Larry.

He can't save you now...

My Mom's got a better six pack.


You're just lucky we're saving the wildcat for January!

You said it, man.

Ain't that a kick in the...nuts...



big TC said...

well, can't go to the game. broke my leg. i was delivering gifts and food to the need, when suddenly i slipped on ice and fell....

yea, that story is total bullshit.
what really happened was i was at hockey practice and my team was doing some scrimage against some team from ohio? and then some asshole fell and slamed into my leg against the wall. probably a browns fan....bastard.

tecmo said...

The "Gowns" tag.