December 23, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

When I first read this, I thought, "no way." Absolutely no way.

But...supposedly, it is true!

Ok, three things to say about this.

1. I doubt you could even call this a "fight." More like 325 pound Shaun Smith pummeling poor, defenseless Brady Quinn's chiseled man face.

PS - there's no way Shaun Smith is a pound less than 375. ESPN lies.

2. If this didn't happen, the entire Cleveland Browns PR staff, along with Sir Romeo are lining up with the unemployed I-Bankers tomorrow.

3. Shaun Rogers has to have been somehow involved.

I mean, I know Brady Quinn drinks a lot of Myoplex, but I just can't believe that he would be so stupid as to cross a man of Shaun Smith's "stature" (read: Girth). Especially with that injured finger of his. In fact, I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that Brady Quinn insulted Shaun Smith's wife! If that's true, Brady, you're lucky to still have your head on top of your shoulders. His wife? Jesus, that's bleak.

Silly Browns, you're just killin' me with this shit.

The Browns may be getting combative, but these links just wanna be friends...

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Kerry Collins on Towel Stomping - "I come from the old school, I don't think Joe Paterno would like that a whole lot."
Bill Cowher on Towel Stomping - "You've got to learn ... I wouldn't do this, I wouldn't go there...You are a veteran, Bulluck." [Trib]

Honestly, why don't y'all do a 100% comprehensive search through Plax's past and just make a list. This is getting ridiculous [Associated Press]

...sorry kids, slim pickins today...


domski43 said...

wasnt this supposed to be the game that the Afc north title was going to come down to?

What happened Cleveland?

Whats worse locker room fights involving brady quinn or widespread staph infections in the browns locker room?

tecmo said...


big TC said...

haha i love it! every moment of it!!

big TC said...

If the fight did start over Quinn saying shit about Smith's wife I think it would go down like this.

Quinn: Blech! Ew! Who made these icky christmas cookies! Smith's wife?


Quinn: AHHH!! Don't spill my myroplex!! NOT MY FACE! NOT MY FACE!!!

and the rest is history

random asshole said...

Cotter, you're just jealous. I know you dream about "sacking" Brady Quinn.