December 8, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

I believe Pat from WHYGAVS may have said it best...and I quote - "I can't think of any non-Steeler headline that could possibly make me happier..."

But then, Christmas Ape made an equally good point - "Yeah, well, that's Mort reporting it, so I'd take it with all the salt being poured on the snow-covered streets."

Let's just assume for a moment this headline IS true. I guess to the Browns brass this would make sense since Cleveland now holds the active record for consecutive years without a division title (19...though, to be fair, they didn't exist for a few of those years), and one of the last times they did was the 1988 season. You remember, the one that followed this dismal failure in 1987's AFC Championship game.

And speaking of that, do you also think they've got Ernest Byner on their radar for Running Backs Coach? How about Bernie Kosar for Quarterbacks Coach? Webster Slaughter for...ah, whatever, you get the point.

In all seriousness, though, I think Schottenheimer is a good Coach, but at some point you're going to have to think about the long term. Schottenheimer is 65 now. His last stint in San Diego went pretty well, during the regular season, but the ultimate post season success continues to elude him. I wouldn't blame him if the Browns came calling and he obliged, but what would the Browns really be expecting out of this? A Super Bowl ring? I'm not sure that'd be a realistic expectation. A winning season, on the other hand, that he might give you.

But, you know what? Go right ahead. As long as it's not Bill Cowher, I'm fine with it.

And either way, these links are HIRED...

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Also, condolences to Dan Marino, whose father passed away yesterday. Our hearts go out to you, Dan.

And lastly, here's Deshea's pick one more time. Because, honestly, who doesn't wanna see that again?


Sheena Beaston said...

Best part was the inevitable humping of Townsend by Polamalu in the end zone.

Heehee. I said end zone.

random asshole said...

Please, not Marty. I can't deal with another asshole on television using the phrase "Marty-ball."

Mark said...

Deshea currently leading the DPotW voting. Hope it holds up.

And you can use this for another excuse to show the man-love for the Wood. At 45 seconds in, Aikman is trying to circle Witten on the teleprompter, and instead circles #56 blowing by the lineman (almost like he wasn't there). I'm sure Romo didn't care about the pick, as much as saving his life by getting rid of the ball.